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EMT CE Requirements

Trying to figure out what CE is acceptable for your EMT renewal? 

There are 3 major requirements:

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  • The CE course is provided by an approved organization

    1.    CE providers must be:

     2.    Instruction limitations:

    • Must be taught by an instructor for 50% of the required total ("Instructor-Based")
    • Courses meeting the "instructor-based" requirement will state "instructor-based" on the CE certificate
    • Maximum of 12 hours of CE for "non-instructor based" courses is allowed per renewal/reinstatement cycle
      • Courses meeting the "non-instructor based" allocation will state "non-instructor based" or contain  "F3" in the course number
    • No more than 12 hours of any type of CE in a 24 hour period
    • Each certificate must be a minimum of 1 hour long
      • Hour increments: must be above 1 hour and may only increase by 0.5 increments above that first hour
        • Example of acceptable hour increments: 1.5 hrs; 2.5 hrs
        • Example of unacceptable hour increments: 0.5 hr; 1.25 hrs

     3.    Provide documentation of passing the course

    • CE certificate (see additional requirements below)
    • Transcript (unofficial is acceptable) 
      • Transcript must be complete and include your name, the name of the institution, the course name,  date(s) course(s) were taken, and credits earned.
  • The CE course meets the topic requirements


    1.    Must be relevant to prehospital care

    • Prehospital/emergency care-related
      • Out-of-scope, but relevant topics are allowed

    2.    Must meet  National Registry Criteria


    3.    CE hours may be applied to CE requirement for teaching an applicable course

    4.    College-level physical, social, and/or behavioral sciences

    • 1 Semester Unit = 15 CE hours
    • 1 Quarter Unit = 10 CE hours

    5.    A course may be repeated up to 1 time within a renewal cycle for credit

    •  CE hour(s) will be granted for both attendance dates
  • The CE course has a verifiable certificate within the last two years

    1.    May not be used for more than one renewal (exCE may not be used for both the 2018-2020 certification cycle and the 2020-2022 certification cycle renewals)

    2.    Must have the following information

    • Student’s first and last name
    • Student’s State of CA Certification/License number
    • Course Title
    • Number of hours completed
    • EMS CE Provider number
    • Date of Completion
    • Provider/Agency’s name

    3.    Date on CE Certificate or Completion of College Course:

    • Must be less than two years old
    • Must be within the certification cycle 
      • Can be prior to the current effective date if the course(s) was completed after the issuance of the current EMT certification cycle and still meets all other required criteria

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MICN CE Requirements

The above EMT CE requirements are comparable to the MICN CE requirements with the exception of:

  1. CE Courses cannot be completed online
  2. CE Course cannot be ACLS, PALS, or another national curriculum
  3. CE Courses must be San Diego prehospital focused (County of San Diego EMS Policy P-303 describe limits)

Further explanation can be found in County of San Diego EMS Policy P-303