County of San Diego Local Emergency Medical Services Information System (CoSD LEMSIS)

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County of San Diego LEMSIS

CoSD LEMSIS is the no-cost, cloud-based data collection system that manages:

  • Prehospital Patient Care Records (ePCR)
  • Base Hospitals Records (eBHR)
  • System Resources (Bypass Status, Alerts)
  • STEMI, Stroke, & Trauma Registries
  • Personnel Credentialing
  • Ambulance Permitting & Inspections
  • Transfer of Care (TOC)
  • Integration with Heath Information Exchange (HIE)

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How to Migrate to LEMSIS Elite for EMS Agencies

Agencies that desire to migrate to LEMSIS Elite should submit an “Agency Information Update” form in the LEMSIS Licensing Portal.  Requirements described on the form, such as most up-to-date vehicles, etc. must be complete.  Agencies submitting the Agency Information Update form will be contacted within 10 business days to discuss the implementation plan.


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LEMSIS ePCR Technical Information

The Schematron documents allowable LEMSIS fields, formats, and rules for San Diego County ePCR forms. The Schematron also includes adopted values for fields with defined options (i.e., dropdown or multi-select).  These options are coded in the Schematron. 

The Data Dictionary defines the Schematron codes to text values and labels. The Data Dictionary contains ALL fields and field values contained in the entire national library; there are many more fields in the Data Dictionary than are used in the San Diego County ePCR form/Schematron. The allowable field value list for some fields is too long to include in the Schematron (medications, cause of injury codes, etc.).  These lists can be found in subsequent tabs in the Data Dictionary.

Agency administrators and information technology vendors are recommended to begin integration efforts with the Schematron, and not the Data Dictionary.


LEMSIS Data Dictionary repository  

Data Dictionary documents are intended for use by EMS PCR software vendors and are subject to change.

LEMSIS Schematron repository

Data Dictionary documents are intended for use by EMS PCR software vendors and are subject to change.

Specialty Care Data Documents


Additional information may be found at the California EMS Information System (CEMSIS) site and the National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) repository. 

Please see the NEMSIS 3.5 Data Dictionary and the NEMSIS 3.4 Data Dictionary for further information.