San Diego County Fire Protection District  Ground Ambulance Service Area

San Diego County Fire Protection District (County Fire) provides fire protection and emergency medical services for most communities in the unincorporated area. Ambulance transportation within the Ambulance Service Area is provided by County Fire.

The Emergency Medical Services system designed for the Ambulance Service Area is focused on improving patient outcomes and reducing health disparities in our communities. This is accomplished by enhanced clinical training for our providers, novel approaches to the delivery of care that include new technologies, and system integration between the first responder network and the transport providers. Matching the correct provider, destination, or information for each service request is central to our goal of exemplary service. 

Some communities are served by our transport partner, American Medical Response (AMR). AMR brings with it a national network of support of resources should the need arise for disaster mitigation, clinical specialization and utilizing technology in the workflow of patient care. As a part of the Ambulance Service Area, AMR is our partner in training, evaluation and improving the entire system to meet the needs of our residents. We remain committed to an equitable, world-class service level that supports the diverse residents in the Ambulance Service area. 


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Map of the ambulance service areas



Map of ambulance services areas.

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Contact Information


 Contact Digitech at (855) 479-4111 for services provided in:

-        Ambulance Service Area after October 01, 2023

-         Ramona service area after August 1, 2022

-        Borrego Springs service area after July 1, 2023

Contact Wittman Enterprises at (800) 906-6552 or email Wittman Enterprises

·        Ramona service area prior to August 1, 2022

·        Borrego Springs service area prior to July 1, 2023


For services provided by Mercy Medical Transportation prior to September 30, 2023, call (760) 751-9797 or visit  Mercy Medical Transportation website


For HIPAA Statement document, go to  County HIPAA Acknowledgement Form


For non-billing inquiries, call (858) 974-5999  or email the County Fire EMS Bureau  


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