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The San Diego County EMS Office develops and implements policies and protocols to support the organized EMS delivery system. County EMS Policy S-002 establishes the process for approving these documents. 

Stakeholder input is a critical element in the policy and protocol development process.

Using the web form below, please submit comments on each policy during the public comment period. A separate submission is required for each policy.

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Public Comment Policies

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Public Comment Submission

Please complete this form to submit public comments on draft policies to the EMS Office.


Revision Process

Policy Revision Process
A policy is defined as:  A written set of rules, requirements, or principles applied to accomplish a course of action.
*Policy drafts may require additional public comment periods and policy amendments.
Clinical Protocol Revision Process

A protocol is defined as:  Written directives and guidance used for patient treatment and disposition.

Protocols are reviewed through the EMS Medical Director's Advisory Committee (also known as the Base Station Physician's Committee or BSPC). Protocol comments are generally collected in the fall to be incorporated into the annual protocol revision cycle.