Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC)

EMSC is a specialty care program and a subdivision of the EMS Systems Division at the EMS Authority.  The goal of the EMSC program is to ensure that acutely ill and injured children have access to high quality, coordinated, and comprehensive emergency and critical care services appropriate for the special needs of children.  The EMSC model provides a continuum of care beginning with the detection of sick or injured children and transport to the appropriate emergency department through rehabilitation.  The EMSC program manager at the County of San Diego (CoSD) provides support to all San Diego Hospitals to ensure daily pediatric readiness and pediatric surge preparedness.  This includes an emphasis on quality of care, continuity of care, family-centered care, cultural diversity, care for children with special needs, and rehabilitation.



EMSC Goals:

Maintain pediatric readiness in San Diego and throughout the state and nation.

Prehospital delivery of a patient to the most appropriate pediatric facility.

Recognition of special, cultural needs while providing family centered care in the continuum of care.