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Vaccinations for School Employees

Private, charter and school district employees will be eligible for vaccination in San Diego County through a system administered by the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) and the California Schools Voluntary Employee Benefits Association (VEBA) with some employees receiving vaccinations as early as Saturday, February 27. Learn more here.

Schools’ eligibility will be ranked on a combination of criteria including healthy equity factors and potential risk of exposure. SDCOE will notify school leaders when their employees are eligible to make appointments through the VEBA portal.

  • Who qualifies as a school employee?
    • Handouts and Guidance
    • Any employee of a private, charter or district school that serves any grade, TK -12.
    • All substitute employees who work for a school or district.
    • Student teachers who are currently working in a school setting.
    • The employees of organizations that provide contracted services to students on a school campuses.
  • Scheduling Your Vaccination Appointment
    • School leaders will be contacted by SDCOE when their school employees are eligible to make appointments.
    • When your school is eligible your employer will provide additional information on how to schedule an appointment.
    • Do not schedule an appointment through the County website, these appointments will not be honored
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