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October 2019 Update: A case of measles in San Diego County was confirmed in early August in an 11-month-old resident who had recently traveled to the Philippines. An adult exposed to this case was confirmed to have measles on August 20. These are the only two cases reported in San Diego County in 2019. There are no active measles investigations at present.

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Measles and International Travel



Measles develops seven to 21 days after exposure. Early symptoms include high fever, cough, runny nose, and red eyes. The distinctive red rash usually appears three to five days after early symptoms appear. A person is considered contagious four days before the rash appears. The rash begins on the face and head then proceeds downward and outward to the hands and feet. It fades in the same order it began, from head to feet.

See CDC's Measles Signs and Symptoms web page for more information.


Complications from measles are more common in children younger than 5 years old and adults 20 years and older. Complications can include diarrhea, ear infection and pneumonia. Death can occur from severe complications and the risk is higher among younger children and adults. There is no treatment for measles. Bed rest, fluids and fever control are recommended. People with complications may need treatment for their specific problem.

See CDC's Measles Complications web page for more information.


The best way to protect against measles is to get the measles vaccine, which is very effective. Two doses are about 97% effective at preventing measles if exposed to the virus. One dose is about 93% effective.

All persons born in 1957 or after should have documentation of at least one dose of MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine or other evidence of immunity to measles. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends two doses of the vaccine: the first at 12 months of age, and the second between ages 4–6 years.

Persons should check with their regular source of health care to make sure they have had immunizations to protect against measles, whooping cough and other vaccine-preventable diseases.

See CDC's Measles Vaccination web page for more information. 

Measles and International Travel

Due to continuing measles outbreaks in a number of foreign countries, it's very important that people planning international travel make sure they are protected against the disease. 

Here are measles immunization recommendations from the CDC for international travel:

Infants 6-11 months old need 1 dose of measles vaccine*

Children 12 months and older need 2 doses separated by at least 28 days

Teenagers and adults who do not have evidence of immunity** against measles should get 2 doses separated by at least 28 days.

*Infants who get one dose of MMR vaccine before their first birthday should get two more doses according to the routinely recommended schedule (one dose at 12 through 15 months of age and another dose at 4 through 6 years of age or at least 28 days later)

**Acceptable evidence of immunity against measles includes at least one of the following: written documentation of adequate vaccination, laboratory evidence of immunity, laboratory confirmation of measles, or birth in the United States before 1957.

See CDC's Measles For Travelers web page for more information.


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Think Measles

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For general information about measles, you can also call 2-1-1.