Resubmittal Requirements

This is only for the resubmittal of existing projects for PDS Land Development permits. Emails with no record ID will be rejected. All new projects must be started at the Land Development Counter, including new Plan Changes, Permit Extensions, and Record Plans for existing permits.

All Resubmittals MUST include individual PDF files of all required documents, plans, and reports as required in the Master Review Checklist.  Please only send one email per Record ID and do not include multiple projects in a single email. For questions please contact your Land Development Project Manager, or the Land Development Counter at or 858-694-2055.

After the counter receives the project resubmittal email, they perform a cursory review to ensure all required documents are provided and the trust account balance is adequate. The counter will notify the submitter within 3 business days if the project submittal is deemed incomplete. 

All files MUST be named per the Flash Drive Submittal Checklist. Please include a copy of the checklist in the submittal. 

Resubmittals can either be submitted in-person at the Land Development Counter located at 5510 Overland Ave, San Diego, CA 92123, or electronically via email to If you would like to resubmit via email, see the instructions below.

Instructions for emailing your project for electronic resubmittal:

  1. Click on the record type link below, clicking on it will generate an email to our resubmittal inbox, 
  2. If your project is an Affordable Housing or Density Bonus Project, please add "Affordable Housing" or "Density Bonus" to the beginning of the email subject line.
  3. Add the Record ID at the end of the subject line (see sample for how the Record ID should be next to each record type)
  4. Please cc' your assigned land development engineer
  5. Attach all files OR a link to download all files. Links and files cannot be encrypted, password protected, or accessed by a specific email address only. Links must be able to be accessed for the duration of the review.
  6. Add any notes in the body of the email and please include your contact info in case we need to reach out to you. As a reminder, please only send one email per Record ID and do not include multiple projects in a single email
  7. If deemed incomplete you will be emailed further instructions



Public Improvement Plan (Ex: PDSXXXX-LDPIIP-XXXXX)

Major Improvement Plan (Ex: PDSXXXX-LDMJIP-XXXXX)

Minor Improvement Plan (Ex: PDSXXXX-LDMNIP-XXXXX)



Centerline Review associated with a Building Permit

PDP SWQMP associated with a Building Permit