Discretionary Forms

  All forms with double asterisks (**) are "Interactive". 
LUEG:SW Storm Water Intake Form for All Permit Applications (SWQMP Intake Form)  
(SP) SWQMP Standard Project (SP) SWQMP
(PDP) SWQMP Priority Development Project (PDP) SWQMP
PDS-015** Applicant's Guidelines & Agreement for Online Submittals for Wireless Facilities
PDS-090 Minimum Plot Plan Information
PDS-111 Things to Check Before Starting a Project, or Buying Property
PDS-125** Appeal Application
PDS-125A** Application for Appeal of Scoring for Placement on the CEQA Consultant List
PDS-126** Acknowledgement of Filing Fees and Deposits

Request for a Boundary Adjustment And/Or Certificate of Compliance Not Approved for Development

PDS-157 Appeal Procedure for Administrative Decisions and Administrative Permits
PDS-158 Appeal Procedure for Major Subdivisions
PDS-159 Appeal Procedure for Boundary Adjustments, Minor Subdivisions and Subdivision Enforcement and Penalty Actions of the Director
PDS-160 Appeal Procedure for Use Permits and Variances
PDS-163 Appeal Procedure for Site Plans
PDS-174 FAQs by Large Family Daycare Applicants
PDS-195 Wet Bar Limitations
PDS-201** Consent For Proposed Gate Or Gate Entry Structure Across A Private Road Easement
PDS-202 FAQs for CEQA Exemption Process
PDS-206** Airport Overflight Agreement
PDS-207 FAQs for Agricultural Tourism
PDS-208 FAQs for Community Gardens
PDS-209 FAQs for Defense and Indemnification
PDS-212 East Otay Mesa Site Plan Submittal Requirements & Checklist
PDS-213** Vehicle Dealer's License Addendum
PDS-214 Habitat Loss Permit Filing Requirements
PDS-215** Minor Deviation Minimum Requirements Checklist
PDS-216 Clearing For A Well/Agricultural Clearing
PDS-218 Property Use Verification for Vehicle Dealer's License
PDS-220 Gates/Fences/Walls Applicant's Guide
PDS-222** Variance Advisory Form
PDS-225 Summary of the 'B' Community Design Review Area Regulations
PDS-226 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Notification and Evaluation Process
PDS-230** Notice of Proposed Opening or Vacation of a Street, Highway, Public Service Easement or Open Space Easement
PDS-232** Agricultural Microbrewery or Micro-Distillary, Small, Zoning Verification Permit Checklist
PDS-234** Agricultural Homestay Zoning Verification Permit Checklist
PDS-239 Plat   (Print on legal size paper only, 8.5" x 14", or it will NOT be accepted)
PDS-240** Land Division Statement Owner's Certificate
PDS-241R** Condition Satisfaction Application Initial Submittal Form
PDS-242** Condition Satisfaction Re-Submittal Form
PDS-243 Rules and Regulations Governing Adjustment Plats
PDS-246** Tentative Parcel Map Application Checklist of Filing Requirements for Time Extensions, Expired Maps, Revised Maps and Replacement Maps
PDS-247 California Department of Fish & Wildlife Fees
PDS-248 Rules and Regulations Governing Certificate of Compliance
PDS-249A** Tentative Parcel Map Applicant's Guide
PDS-255** Host Home Affidavit
PDS-259 General Plan Amendment Request Procedure
PDS-260 Variance Applicant's Guide
PDS-261 Grading and Clearing Applicant's Guide
PDS-263** Agricultural Preserve Application
PDS-268** Bond for Model Home Agreement
PDS-269** Model Home Agreement
PDS-275 Administrative Deviation from an Approved Planned Residential Development (PRD) Plot Plan  
PDS-276 Setbacks for Solar Collectors Handout
PDS-298 Supplemental Public Notice Procedure
PDS-299** Supplemental Public Notice Certification
PDS-301** Large Scale (SPECIFIC PLAN) Amendment
PDS-304   Home Occupations
PDS-305** Ownership Disclosure Form
PDS-306 Setback Drawings
PDS-307 Height and Story Drawings
PDS-308 Retaining Wall Drawings
PDS-310 Clearing Violation Restoration Plan Applicant’s Guide
PDS-312 Condominium Conversion Applicant's Guide
PDS-313** Major Use Permit Applicant’s Guide
PDS-314** Urban Minor Subdivision Environmental Review Exemption Application
PDS-315 Solar Energy Systems Customer FAQs
PDS-316 Applicant's Guide for a Solar Energy System
PDS-318 Zoning & Property Research
PDS-319** Notice of Permit Application 
PDS-320** Evidence of Legal Parcel
PDS-322 Location of Accessory Structures on Corner Lots
PDS-323 Location of Pools
PDS-324 Mezzanine
PDS-325** Initial Consultation Meeting Request
PDS-326** General Plan Amendment Initial Consultation Meeting Request
PDS-327** Major Pre-Application Meeting Request
PDS-328** Request for Waiver of Major Pre-Application Meeting
PDS-329 Major Pre-Application Process FAQs
PDS-330** Supplemental Questionnaire for Major Project Pre-Application Meeting Request
PDS-331 Site Preparation for Future Development (Borrow Pit)
PDS-333 Wind Turbines - Customer FAQs
PDS-334** Zoning Verification Permit - Wind Turbine Project - Small
PDS-336** Commitment Requirement for Affordable Housing Priority Permit Process
PDS-337 Supportive Housing Ministerial Approval
PDS-338 Density Bonus FAQs
PDS-345 Types of Accessory Dwelling Units
PDS-346** Discretionary Permit Application
PDS-346DB** Density Bonus Supplemental Application
PDS-346S** Supplemental Application
PDS-346V** Variance Supplemental Application
PDS-347** Model Home Permit Supplemental Application
PDS-349** Request for Merger of Parcels - Boundary Adjustment with a Certificate of Compliance
PDS-350** Request for Merger of Parcels - Certificate of Compliance
PDS-351 Basements/ Story Height Definitions
PDS-354** VISA/MC Cardholder Authorization for San Diego County Permitting Purchases Only
PDS-355 VISA/MC Cardholder Authorization Instructions
PDS-356 Automatic Time Extensions For Maps (AB 1561, effective 01/01/2021)
PDS-357 Large Scale Project Guidelines for Submittal and Processing
PDS-358 Assessor's Parcel May Not Be A Legal Lot
PDS-359 Kennels
PDS-366** Environmental Review Update Application
PDS-367** Application for an Environmental Initial Study (AEIS)
PDS-368** Model Home Permit Applicant's Guide
PDS-369 Fee Schedule (Effective July 2023)
PDS-372** Tentative Map Applicant's Guide
PDS-373 Horse Stable - Customer FAQs
PDS-374 Resource Protection Study
PDS-377** Horse Stable Zoning Verification Permit Checklist
PDS-380** Urban Agricultural Incentive Zones (UAIZ)
PDS-382 Flagging Procedure for Projects
PDS-383 How to Process a Rezone Request
PDS-384** Consent to Granting of Administrative Variance
PDS-386** Consent to Granting of Administrative Permit
PDS-390 Farm/AG Employee Housing
PDS-394** Preliminary Floodplain Evaluation
PDS-399F** Fire Availability
PDS-399Sc** School Availability
PDS-399S  ** Sewer Availability
PDS-399W** Water Availability
PDS-400S** Sewer Commitment
PDS-400W** Water Commitment
PDS-402 Reclamation Plan Application
PDS-403 Reclamation Plan Requirements
PDS-404c Landscape Documentation Package Checklist: Counter Submittal
PDS-404e Landscape Documentation Package Checklist: E-mail Submittal
PDS-405** Water Efficient Landscape Worksheet
PDS-406c Landscape Certificate Of Completion Checklist: Counter Submittal
PDS-406e Landscape Certificate Of Completion Checklist: E-mail Submittal
PDS-407A** Landscape Certificate of Completion Using Prescriptive Compliance Option
PDS-407** Landscape Certificate of Completion
PDS-410** Water Use Application Using Prescriptive Compliance Option
PDS-430A Appeals Form for Boundary Adjustments
PDS-444** Zoning Ordinance Summary
PDS-491** Tentative Map Application Checklist for Administrative Time Extensions and Revised Maps
PDS-500    PACE Program Fact Sheet
PDS-501    PACE Program FAQs - Mitigation Bank & Credits
PDS-505** Applicant's Guide to a Site Plan - Signs in the Right-of-Way
PDS-506** Site Plan Applicant's Guide
PDS-507** Site Plan Design Review Checklist Exemption Instructions
PDS-508** Site Plan Permit Design Review Checklist Exemption Request Requirements
PDS-509** Airport/ Heliport Supplemental Information
PDS-513** Zoning Verification Permit - Ministerial - Meteorological Testing (MET) Facility
PDS-514** Public Notice Certification
PDS-515 Public Notice Procedure
PDS-516 Public Notice Applicant's Guide
PDS-517 Zoning Verification Permit - Organic Materials Processing
PDS-524** Notice To Property Owners
PDS-546 Oversized Accessory Structure Applicant's Guide
PDS-559 Landscape Water Conservation Ordinance Waiver Procedure
PDS-561 Accela Citizen Access - How to Submit an Initial Consultation Meeting Request
PDS-562 Accela Citizen Access - How to Submit a Pre-Application Meeting Request
PDS-563 Accela Citizen Access - How to Submit a Verification Request
PDS-565** Minor Use Permit Applicant's Guide
PDS-576 Guest Living Quarters
PDS-577 Non-Habitable Accessory Structures (Attached and Detached)
PDS-579** Environmental Review Questionnaire for Agriculturally Related Clearing Permits
PDS-580** Hazardous Waste/ Substance Site Verification Form
PDS-581** Plan Check Pre-Application Notice
PDS-586 FAQs - Tiered Winery Ordinance
PDS-589** Environmental Plan Check Application
PDS-600** SB-9 Checklist Provides Overview of the SB-9 Requirements.
PDS-601** SB-9 Affidavit of Owner
PDS-603 SB-9 Exceptions
PDS-604 Interactive SB-9 Mapping Application
PDS-605 SB-9 2 Lot TPM Application Guide
PDS-606** SB-9 2-Lot TPM Permit Application Form
PDS-611 Accessory Dwelling Unit & Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit Guidelines
PDS-655** Alcohol Beverage Control Permit
PDS-701** Noise Variance Supplemental Application 
PDS-714 Applicant's Guide to Minor Deviations to Plot Plans
PDS-715** Project Description
PDS-717** Revegetation Plan Applicant's Guide
PDS-718** Subdivider Certification Regarding Remainder Parcel
PDS-726 Requirements For Placing A Sea Cargo Container On A Private Lot
PDS-800 Vegetation Clearing FAQ
PDS-901 Definitions and Accessory Use Regulations for detached Poolhouses, Art or Music Studios, and Recreation Rooms
PDS-902 Applicant's Guide to an Administrative Permit for Small Wineries
PDS-906    Signature Requirements
PDS-907 Inactive and Deficit Projects FAQs
PDS-910** Application for the Establishment of Community Facilities District (CFD)
PDS-1004**  Change of Financial Responsibility Form
PDS-1007** Accela Citizen Access (ACA) Registered Users Form for the Financially Responsible Party and Designated Users
PDS-1008** Site Plan Permit Design Review Checklist Exemption - Staff Checklist
PDS-1009** Site Plan Design Review Checklist Exemption - Applicant's Guide
PDS-1010 Summary of the "C" Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (ALUCP) Area Regulations
PDS-1011 Airport Overflight Policy Requirements
PDS-1015** Coastal Development Permit Exemption Request Form
Planning - Policies
Policy FP-2

Fire Code Compliance, Cell Sites

Policy G-3

Determination of Legal Parcel

Policy S-1

Slopes/Density Analysis Policy

Board of Supervisors - Policies
Policy I-38

Agricultural Preserves

Policy I-49

Distribution of Notification of Land Use Hearings

Policy I-63

General Plan Amendment and Zoning Guidelines

Policy I-73

Hillside Development

Policy I-121

Procedure for Determining Public Convenience or Necessity for Alcohol Beverage License Applications

Policy I 

Section: All other BOS "I" Policies

Zoning Division - Informational Handouts

           Issue Resolution Policy User Guide

           Issue Resolution Flowchart

           Issue Resolution Flyer

Grading Handout for Site Plans/ Major Use Permits

Grading Handout for Subdivisions

Standard Conditions for Tentative Subdivision Maps

SB9 Urbanized Area and Urban Clusters Map

Last Updated: 01/14/2022

These forms are used when submitting applications for Discretionary Permits to Planning & Development Services (PDS). 

Some forms are now available in multiple languages. Please click here to browse international discretionary forms.


Questions regarding forms should be directed to PDSZoningPermitCounter@sdcounty.ca.gov.