Land Development Mapping Forms

The Land Development Division provides engineering and review services for construction and development projects throughout the unincorporated areas of San Diego County.

The DPW Land Development Website hosts additional information related to processes under their ultimate authority.

Final Map Approval Announcement:

Please be aware if you are processing a Final Map and wish to get it approved and recorded in 2023. Final Map approvals are posted by Communications Received on the Tuesday Board of Supervisors agendas. This year the Map Tax Certificates expire on September 18, 2023. To be placed on an agenda your map must be Timely Filed pursuant to the Subdivision Map Act prior to  August 28, 2023. Timely Filed means all Conditions must be satisfied, Mylars and all original documents, including but not limited to the Improvement Agreement with security, recorded current Map Tax Certificate and Subdivision Guarantee must be submitted to Land Development Mapping staff 4 weeks prior to your preferred Board date. If you cannot meet the August 28th date, you will need to reapply through the San Diego County Tax Collector for an updated Map Tax Certificate which takes 4-8 weeks to process. 8 weeks from September 18 is November 13. That only leaves 1 available Board Date in 2023, December 5, 2023, before the updated  Map Tax Certificate expires on December 31, 2023.