2013 General Plan Clean-Up

The 2013 General Plan Clean-Up General Plan Amendment and Rezone (GPA 12-007; REZ 13-002) was presented to the Board of Supervisors on June 18, 2014.  The Board voted to approve the project as presented.


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Staff Report

Attachment A - Resolution

Attachment B - General Plan and Zoning Changes



The General Plan Clean-Up General Plan Amendment (GPA 12-007) and Rezone was presented to the Planning Commission on January 24, 2014. The Commission recommended that the Board approve the project.

Planning Commission Hearing Report

Attachment A - Resolution

Attachment B - Staff Recommendation

Attachment C - Zoning Ordinance Amendment (this section includes maps of each proposed zoning change)

Attachment D - Environmental Findings and Documentation

Attachment E - Correspondence and Additional Information



General Plan

A comprehensive update of the County General Plan was adopted in August 2011. The General Plan provides a framework for land use and development decisions consistent with an established community vision and is based on a set of guiding principles designed to protect the County’s unique and diverse natural resources and maintain the character of its rural and semi-rural communities.

The General Plan Update was a comprehensive, complex, and large update in both scope and scale. As such, staff and the Board of Supervisors anticipated that unforeseen inconsistencies and mapping errors, along with changed circumstances, would emerge during plan implementation that would require correction. Therefore, at the time of the adoption of the General Plan Update, the Board of Supervisors directed staff to bring forward a General Plan ‘clean-up’ every two years in the form of a GPA.


The 2013 Clean-Up is the first to be processed since the adoption of the updated General Plan.  The Staff Recommendation for the 2013 General Plan Clean-Up proposes changes to the Land Use Map, policy documents, Mobility Element network, and certain community and subregional plans. The Clean-Up process is only meant to be used for minor changes or additions to the General Plan that do not result in additional significant environmental impacts. See below for links to additional information and maps.

Staff contact: Kevin Johnston, (858) 694-3084, Kevin.Johnston@sdcounty.ca.gov


2013 General Plan Clean-Up Staff Recommendation


Countywide Map Links for the 2013 General Plan Clean-Up

General Plan Clean-Up GPA - Countywide Map - Existing GP Designations

General Plan Clean-Up GPA - Countywide Map - Proposed GP Designations