Former Champagne Gardens Specific Plan

The Champagne Gardens Specific Plan was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on January 13, 1999, and expired on January 13, 2007. The Specific Plan called for the development of visitor-serving commercial uses to include lodging, retail, restaurants, and an amphitheater, among other uses. The properties associated with this former Specific Plan are located on both sides of Champagne Boulevard, between Lawrence Welk Lane and Gopher Canyon Road, just east of the I-15. See the aerial photo map for additional location context. A link to a pdf of this aerial (for zoom capability) is provided in the set of links toward the bottom of this web page.


The full Specific Plan, as approved in 1999 is linked here

The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) prepared for the Specific Plan is linked here.

With the adoption of the General Plan Update in 2011, the Specific Plan Area (SPA) General Plan Land Use designation and the S88 (Specific Planning Area) zoning use regulation were carried forward from the previous General Plan. As a result, PDS staff has been working with property owners, associated planning groups (the former Specific Plan area includes portions in the Bonsall, Hidden Meadows, and Valley Center Planning Areas), and other stakeholders in developing SEIR alternatives for updated General Plan land use designations and zoning for these properties within the former Specific Plan boundaries. For analysis and outreach purposes, the properties have been grouped into sub-areas (1-8), following the sub-area numbering used in the former Specific Plan.

Proposed changes for these properties are being analyzed as part of the Property Specific Requests (PSRs) General Plan Amendment (GPA 12-005). This PSRs GPA has been directed by the County Board of Supervisors for staff to analyze proposed changes to General Plan land use designations (and zoning changes when necessary for consistency) for a number of properties. 

Associated with the update process for the Champagne Gardens area, the proposed project also includes a revision to Residential Policy 8 of the Valley Center Community Plan. The proposed revision to this policy would involve changing the minimum lot size allowed in the SR-2 designation, from one acre to one-half acre and, change the minimum lot size allowed in the SR-4 designation from two acres to one acre. The stipulations in the policy for allowing the noted minimum lot sizes are not proposed to change. At their August 10, 2015 meeting, the Valley Center CPG recommended including the proposed policy revision in the PSRs GPA for further analysis, and at their May 8, 2017 meeting, the CPG recommended approval of the proposed policy revision. A strikeout/underline document showing the proposed revision can be found here - 
Proposed Policy Revision - Valley Center Community Plan Residential Policy 8

Linked below are maps of existing General Plan Land Use designations, existing zoning, the aerial pdf with sub-area labels, and the map alternatives for General Plan and zoning, that will be analyzed in the SEIR.


For additional information on the former Champagne Gardens Specific Plan properties, or the PSRs GPA, please call the project phone line at 858-505-6677 or email