Moosa Creek Restoration Project

PDS2021-LDGRMJ-30327; LOG NO. PDS2021-ER-21-02-002

The Moosa Creek Restoration Project (Project) consists of a grading permit for the restoration of riparian and upland habitats on 67 acres of land within the Bonsall Community Plan area that contains a portion of the former Moosa Creek Golf Course. The project site is located between State Route-76 Interstate-15, is south of Camino Del Rey, and is bisected by Moosa Creek.

The Project site is subject to the General Plan Regional Categories of Rural/Semi-Rural and Land Use Designations of Open Space (Recreation)/Rural Lands. Zoning for the site is Open Space (S80). The Project would entail the removal of existing golf course infrastructure and recontouring of portions of the property to be planted with native species. Approximately 35,000 cubic yards of soil and approximately 6,000 cubic yards of asphalt, concrete and other infrastructure will be excavated. Soil will be relocated to create upland habitats, while concrete and asphalt will either be broken and placed under soil relocated in upland habitats or removed off site for disposal/recycling. Planned restoration activities would consist of regrading the areas adjacent to the creek and removing approximately 4.5 acres of existing infrastructure to establish and/or enhance approximately 39 acres of riparian habitat and approximately 28 acres of native riparian-upland transitional buffers and other site improvements. The Project will remove five existing golf cart bridges over Moosa Creek and associated riprap supports on either bank of each bridge. The restoration effort will be implemented under the guidance of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to offset corresponding endangered species riparian habitat impacts at the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) at Camp Pendleton. After construction, the restoration areas will be monitored and, as necessary, invasive species removal and other vegetation management activities would be performed to maintain the site as a mosaic of riparian and upland habitats.

Per CEQA Guidelines Section 15073.5, a lead agency is required to recirculate a negative declaration when the document must be substantially revised after public notice of its availability has been given pursuant to Section 15072, but prior to its adoption. Notice of recirculation shall comply with Sections 15072 and 15073. In order to provide opportunity to the public to comment on the Cultural Resources Report and corresponding Cultural Resources and Tribal Cultural Resources Initial Study sections, the Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration is recirculated for 30 days. PDS will be accepting comments on the Cultural Resources Report and corresponding Cultural Resources and Tribal Cultural Resources Initial Study sections for this recirculation until August 8, 2021 at 4:00 p.m.

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Project Contact: Jenna Roady | | (619) 323-8589


RECIRCULATION PUBLIC REVIEW PERIOD (July 8, 2021 - August 8, 2021)

ORIGINAL PUBLIC REVIEW PERIOD (May 27, 2021 - June 27, 2021)