Demler Manure Processing Facility

PDS2019-MUP-19-004; LOG NO. PDS2019-ER-19-09-001

The Demler Manure Processing Facility Major Use Permit (Project) proposes to construct a poultry manure processing facility that would process manure from the existing egg ranch operations and would not process manure from off-site locations. The proposed 16,200-square foot manure processing facility will include a conveyor belt system, manure drying system, sanitation device, cooler, and pelleting mill. The Major Use Permit area covers 3.4 acres of the 362-acre site.

The existing Demler Brothers Egg Ranch currently houses roughly two million chickens that produce approximately 750 tons of manure per week. Henhouses on the ranch can accommodate up to three million chickens which could produce approximately 1,125 tons of manure per week. Three million chickens are allowed under the existing operations. The existing egg ranch is a by- right use under current County zoning and therefore not considered part of the proposed project nor the Major Use Permit (MUP) application.

The Project site is subject to the General Plan Regional Category Rural, Land Use Designation Rural Lands (RL-40). Zoning for the site is General Agriculture (A72). The site is developed with an existing Pine Hill Egg Ranch facility

Please direct any questions or formal comments to the project contact below.

Project Contact: Angelica Truong | | (619) 323-8950


PUBLIC REVIEW PERIOD (January 27, 2022 - February 25, 2022)