Palomar Mountain


Palomar Mountain is a subarea in the North Mountain Subregion.  The North Mountain Subregion is characterized by vast open expanses of land and scattered rural residential development. Much of the land is held as private ownership including Agricultural Preserves, Indian lands, and public domain. Rural communities include Santa Ysabel, Warner Springs, Palomar Mountain, Mesa Grande, Sunshine Summit, Ranchita and Oak Grove. Each community is distinctly different, but common to all is the pursuit of a rural lifestyle.

The community of Palomar Mountain is located in the mountains in the northwest portion of the subregion. Dense forests of coniferous and deciduous trees provide the mountain ambience which defines the community character of Palomar Mountain. The residential areas first experienced significant development in the early 1900s and some of the older cabins and other structures still survive. Today, the mountain supports both full and part-time residents, resulting in a mixture of types an sizes of residences, as well as the internationally renowned Palomar Mountain Observatory.

- North Mountain Subregional Plan, San Diego County General Plan

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