Valley Center ARCO

PDS2015-STP-15-012; LOG NO. PDS2015-ER-15-08-018

The Project includes a Site Plan (PDS2015-STP-15-012).

The project is a Site Plan to construct a 3,666 square foot convenience store with attached storage and a gasoline sales station consisting of 12 gas pumps. The project site is located at the southwestern corner of the Valley Center Road and Cole Grade Road Intersection (APN: 188-260-31-00), in the Valley Center Community Planning area, within unincorporated San Diego County.  The site is subject to the Village Regional Category and the General Commercial (C-1) Land Use Designation. The Zoning Use Regulation for the site is General Commercial (C-36) with a “B” Special Area Designator. Access to the site would be provided by two commercial driveways connecting to Valley Center Road and Cole Grade Road. Water and Sewer service would be provided by the Valley Center Municipal Water District. Proposed earthwork quantities for the project consist of approximately 165 cubic yards of cut and 3,800 cubic yards of fill for a net import of 3,635 cubic yards of fill.

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