Gillespie Field Driver Training Program


Welcome to Gillespie Field's Ground Vehicle Driver Training Program      

The purpose of this course is to ensure those operating vehicles on the airport are
trained to do so safely and in accordance with the Airport’s Rules and Regulations.  We have researched best practices at a variety of GA airports and asked for feedback on what did and did not work well for them.   Incorporating these lessons learned, along with FAA requirements, we have developed an online training course. 

There are 2 areas inside Gillespie Field’s fence line which require driver training:

  • Non-Movement Area – Ramps/Aprons, hangar rows, tie-downs and the Vehicle Service Road (VSR).
  • Movement Area – Runways, taxiways and safety areas.

County Airports is hosting the training online to make the program user-friendly and easily accessible.  If you experience any difficulties with the training program or have questions, please reach out to Airport Administration at 619-956-4800.  

How do you get started with driver training? It’s easy, just download the Ground Vehicle Access Application form linked on this page, fill it out, and submit it to your FBO. Your FBO will sign the form and submit it to Airport Administration.  Once Airport Administration receives your application, we will process the form and email you login directions for the online training course. Upon completion your FBO will grant you access through their gates. 

Ground Vehicle Training Process

Ground Vehicle Access Application

List of Fixed Based Operators

Gillespie Field Airport Map

County Airports Rules and Regulations

County Airports Policies and Procedures

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