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  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  2. Debris Management Plan estimates the types and quantities of materials that will be generated during your project. If you need assistance with the plan, the County has developed a Baseline Generation Worksheet which makes estimating your tonnage very easy.  Please contact Stephanie Ewalt at (858) 694-2458 or for the generation worksheet.

  3. Debris Management Permit Instructions

  4. Debris Recycling Calculator: This form will help you to calculate the tonnages for your the initial estimates on the Debris Management Plan.

  5. Request for Exception: please fill out this form if you do not believe you need a Debris Management Permit.  See form for details.

  6. Final Debris Management Plan: final account of all types and quantities of materials that were generated on the project.  This is a request for refund and must be submitted with receipts or other proof of recycling.
  7. Daily Log: A daily log is required onsite. For each construction or demolition site for which the C&D permit is issued, the permitee shall maintain a daily log for all construction or demolition debris that leaves the site along with receipts for any disposal or recycling facility.  The daily log must be available for inspection at all times.  If no log is present, a citation may be issued. 

  8. Recycling Receipt Template: to be used as a template receipt for materials facilities or pick up (not required).

  9. Infeasibility Exemption Form: If it is infeasible for the project to meet the requirements to recycle 90% of inert and 70% of all other materials, the applicant may apply for an exemption.  If an exemption is granted, the Solid Waste Planning and Recycling Section of the Department of Public Works shall determine what percentage of construction and demolition debris the applicant is required to recycle.

  10. Financially Responsibility Form  

  11. Construction and Demolition Recycling Bond Form 

  12. Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Ordinance: Effective April 21, 2007, debris from construction and demolition projects greater than 40,000 square feet must be diverted away from landfill disposal in the unincorporated County of San Diego. The ordinance requires that 90% of inerts and 70% of all other materials must be recycled from your project.  In order to comply with the Ordinance, applicants must submit a Debris Management Plan and a fully refundable Performance Guarantee prior to building permit issuance.  

  13. Construction and Demolition List of Recycling Facilities (Quick guide)

  14. Construction and Demolition Links

  15. C&D Power Point - Building Industry Association Workshop

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