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Performance Guarantee & Refund Requirements

The Performance Guarantee is a fully refundable deposit based on the square footage of the permitted project. Applicants must complete a Debris Management Plan and submit a Performance Guarantee based on project square footage.  There is a cap based on the size and type of project.   


Performance Guarantee Values
Building Segment Guarantee per Sq. Ft. Maximum Sq. Ft. Subject to Guarantee
Residential new construction $0.20

125,000 detached

100,000 attached

Non-residential new construction $0.20

40,000 commercial

75,000 industrial

What projects shall submit a Performance Guarantee?

All residential and non-residential new construction, demolition and renovations including condo conversions that are 40,000 square feet or greater and are located in the unincorporated County must complete a Debris Management Plan and submit a Performance Guarantee.  

Phased Commercial and Master Planned Projects

A new Debris Management Plan and Performance Guarantee must be submitted for each phase of a residential tract or multi-building commercial project that has a proposed build-out of 40,000 square feet or greater. 

Example of project with 55,000 square foot build out.


Cash deposits for a Performance Guarantee shall be deposited in an interest bearing account and returned with interest, to the permittee upon the County's determination of full compliance, or pro-rated based on the degree of compliance. 

Requirements to receive a refund, permittee’s:

  1. Must maintain a daily log for all C&D debris that leaves the site.  The log and receipts must contain the weight of the debris the facility accepted and whether the material was disposed in a landfill or recycled. The permittee's failure to have the log or the information required for inspection constitutes grounds for suspension of the permit. 
  2. Must submit all receipts from any construction and demolition debris and inert debris center, recycling center, vendor, green materials operationor disposal or transfer station facility which accepted debris from the project.  Receipts must contain the weight of the debris the facility accepted and if the material was disposed in a landfill or recycled. If a receipt does not contain a statement of the weight of the debris, the permittee must provide a print out or other verifiable statement of the volume of the debris.  If the material was reused onsite or collected by a third party for salvage, a receipt or other proof of diversion including photos is acceptable.
  3.  Must submit the Final Debris Management Plan.  When this form is completed, it is a request for your refund*.The Recycling staff in the  Solid  Waste and Planning & Recycling Section will review the Final Debris Management Plan.  If the Recycling staff determines that at least 90% of inerts and 70% of other materials were sufficiently recycled, reused, or salvaged, the performance guarantee will be released within 30-days of Final Debris Management Plan submittal. 

    If the Recycling staff determines the project has not complied with the ordinance, they will calculate the percent of the refund based upon a sliding scale.  The project applicant shall have 15-days from the date of notice to file an appeal.  

    *Note: If the financially responsible party is in debt to the County of San Diego Department of Public Works due to any Public Works project, that debt will first be off-set using the returned C&D security and if there are remaining funds once debts are paid, the customer will receive that balance.

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