County EMS Program and Staff Contacts

Program Contacts

Personnel Credentialing for:

  • EMTs, 
  • AEMTs, 
  • Paramedics, and 
  • MICNs and CCT RNs

Ambulance Permitting

  • ground ambulance
  • air ambulance
  • non-emergency medical transport

EMS Notifications

CSA Records and Billing Info
More information here

EMT Certification Background Review and Probation

General Information or Questions
(619) 285-6429

EMS Staff Contacts

EMS Leadership Programs Email

Dr. Kristi Koenig, MD, FACEP, FIFEM, FAEMS
EMS Medical Director More information here

Andy Parr

EMS Administrator
Brian Christison, MPA, Paramedic EMS Program Coordinator, Operations
Tareq Haidari, MPA EMS Program Coordinator, Administration

Tyler Meick, Paramedic

EMS Coordinator for:

  • Community Paramedicine, 
  • Triage to Alternate Destination, and 
  • Innovative EMS Programs
Cody Rogers, MPH, Paramedic

EMS Coordinator for:

  • EMS Personnel Credentialing,
  • Ambulance/NEM Permitting,
  • Training/CE Program Oversight, and 
  • Professional Standards/Background Review
Michael Assof, Paramedic

EMS Coordinator for:

  • Clinical Systems, 
  • Specialty Care (including STEMI, stroke, trauma, EMS for Children, and SART), 
  • EMS Protocols, and 
  • Quality Assurance

Joshua Smith, PhD, MPH

Senior Epidemiologist for:

  • EMS Epidemiology Program and 
  • Integrated Data Systems

Nicole del Toro
Community Meeting Coordinator

EMS Duty Officer (24/7)
(619) 588-0397 (Preferred method)
(619-219-8100 alternate)

(619) 285-6434