Sweetwater Springs Triangular Parking Lot

PDS2021-STP-21-019; LOG NO. PDS2021-ER-21-19-004

The proposed Sweetwater Springs Triangular Parking Lot project (Project) consists of a Site Plan permit (STP) to construct and maintain a fleet storage parking lot. The vacant, 2.1-acre triangularly shaped project site is located behind 2500 Sweetwater Springs Boulevard, approximately 850 north of the terminus of US Elevator Road (APN 505-231-03-00), in the Spring Valley Community Plan area within the unincorporated County of San Diego. Access to the site would be provided through a collective parking agreement with adjacent parcel APN 505-231-35-00 to establish access to Sweetwater Springs Boulevard and US Elevator Road, both public roads. The Project would require 6,200 cubic yards of cut and 5,200 cubic yards of fill, with 1,000 cubic yards of exported material. The Project consists of sixty-nine (69) parking spaces, two (2) retaining walls with a maximum height of nineteen feet, one (1) six-foot tall wall for screening purposes, and eight (8) twenty-five-foot-tall light poles. The site is subject to the General Plan Regional Category Village, Land Use Designation High Impact Industrial. Zoning for the site is High Impact Industrial (M58) with a “B” Special Area Designator for Community Design Review. The Project is consistent with the land use designations of the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance.

Public Meeting – The proposed project will be discussed at the Spring Valley Community Planning Group meeting on Tuesday, August 10, 2021, at 7:00 pm. The meeting is an opportunity for the public to be informed about the proposed project and provide comments. Please contact the County Project Manager for meeting call-in information if you wish to participate.

Please direct any questions or formal comments to the project contact below.

Project Contact: Rachael Lindebrekke | Rachael.Lindebrekke@sdcounty.ca.gov | (619) 323-7872


PUBLIC DISCLOSURE PERIOD (July 29, 2021 - August 30, 2021)