Sweetwater Vistas

PDS2015-SPA-15-002; PDS2015-GPA-15-006; PDS2015-REZ-15-008; PDS2015-TM-5608; PDS2015-MUP-89-015W4; PDS2015-STP-15-016; PDS2015-ER-89-019-015I

The Project includes a General Plan Amendment (PDS2015-GPA-15-006), a Specific Plan Amendment (PDS2015-SPA-15-002), a Rezone (PDS2015-REZ-15-008), a Tentative Map (PDS2015-TM-5608), a Major Use Permit Modification (PDS2015-MUP-89-015W4), and a Site Plan (PDS2015-STP-15-016).

The proposed Sweetwater Vistas residential development project is located on a 52-acre site within The Pointe Specific Plan Area in the Spring Valley Community Plan Area. The proposed project would construct 218 residential units and conserve 27.9 acres of biological open space. The General Plan Amendment is proposed to change the land use designation from Specific Plan to Village Residential (VR15) and Open Space Conservation (OS-C). A Specific Plan Amendment is proposed to remove the 52-acre property and all references to the originally planned development for the project site (ie., resort development, golf course elements, and corporate office) from The Pointe Specific Plan. A Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) boundary line adjustment is also proposed to remove 2.1 acres from the existing hardline preserve and to add approximately 25 acres to the MSCP preserve.

The project also includes a proposed rezone to change the zoning from S80 (Open Space), S88 (Specific Plan), C30 (Office Professional), and RS (Single Family) to RU (Urban Residential) and S80 (Open Space). In addition, the "D" (Design Review) and "P" (Planned Development) Special Area Regulations would be replaced by the "B" (Community Design Review Area) Special Area Regulation. The proposed Tentative Map would create 3 residential lots, 4 open space lots, and 218 condominium units. The Major Use Permit Modification would remove the site from The Pointe planned residential development boundary and eliminate the resort and commercial office uses. A Site Plan is included for design review.

Project Contact: Sean Oberbauer | Sean.Oberbauer@sdcounty.ca.gov | (858) 495-5747