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Reuse & Repair

Don’t throw it out! Reuse or Repair it instead

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Now Introducing a 4th "R"... Repair!  
By now, you are likely familiar with the 3 R’s of waste reduction: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. But do you know about the other R in waste reduction? Choosing to repair slightly broken or damaged items is just one other way to decrease the amount of trash that ends up in our landfills. Repairing items is becoming more popular with DIY shows. The County has also compiled many reuse and repair ideas on Pinterest and YouTube that give easy-to-follow instructions on how to repair many household items. It is easy to see why more people are choosing to repair their items once they know the benefits of it.

Find a local business to repair your old or broken items! Visit or call 1-877-R-1-EARTH (1-877-713-2784) to speak with our bilingual (English/Spanish) hotline representatives to find out where to repair your slightly broken or damaged items and more!



Many creative and innovative reuse ideas can be found on Pinterest and YouTube . Simply browsing these sites can be inspiring.

You can buy, donate or sell reusable items at thrift stores or through online exchanges. Find a local thrift store at or to buy, sell, or donate online, visit online pages such as San Diego Craigslist. For more tips on how to reuse, click here.

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