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FAA’S Southern California Metroplex Project

The SoCal Metroplex Project is a component of NextGen that is designed to improve the flow of air traffic into and out of Southern California.  The FAA has released the Final Environmental Assessment (EA) for the SoCal Metroplex Project.  The determination made in the Final EA indicated that the project would not have any significant impacts under the National Environmental Policy Act.  The Final EA and the “Finding of No Significant Impact and Record of Decision” have been made available to the public.  Those documents can be found on the FAA’s SoCal Metroplex EA Website.


The FAA will begin implementing the new flight procedures proposed in the SoCal Metroplex Project in November 2016 and continue through April 2017.  Before the procedures are published, the FAA will conduct additional public outreach to provide further information about the changes.  Information about the public outreach is available on the FAA’s NextGen Community Engagement Website.


Additionally, the FAA has created interactive Google Earth files for the SoCal Metroplex project to allow the public to view current flight tracks and flight tracks of the new procedures.  Those files can also be found on the FAA’s SoCal Metroplex EA Website.  For your reference, an image of the current flight tracks for McClellan-Palomar Airport can be found here and the flight tracks with the implementation of the new procedures can be found here.

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