Smilax Townhome Project

PDS2019-GPA-19-003; PDS2019-REZ-19-002; PDS2019-TM-5634; PDS2019-STP-19-014; Log No. PDS2019-ER-19-08-002

The Project includes a General Plan Amendment (PDS2019-GPA-19-003), a Zone Reclassifcation (PDS2019-REZ-19-002), a Tentative Map (PDS2019-TM-5634), and a Site Plan (PDS2019-STP-19-014).

The applicant is proposing the development of 62 attached condominium units and two common space areas on an approximately 4.9-acre site located at Mimosa Avenue and Smilax Road in the North County Metropolitan Subregional Plan Area. An existing single-family residence and accessory structures will be demolished. Access to the site would be provided by a 24-foot wide private street connecting to Smilax Road and a gated secondary emergency access connecting to Poinsettia Avenue.

The proposed project includes a General Plan Amendment which would change the General Plan Land Use Designation from Village Residential (VR-2) to Village Residential (VR-15). The Regional Category of Village applies to the property; no change to the Regional Category is proposed. A Rezone would change the zoning designation from Rural Residential (RR) to Multi-Family Residential (RM) and building type from “C” (Single Detached only) to “K”, to allow for multi dwelling units. The Rezone will also add the “D” Design Review Area Special Area Designator to ensure the proposed structures and development of the site will complement the surrounding areas. A Tentative Map is required for the one lot subdivision, and a Site Plan is required for community design consistency.

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Project Contact: Jessica Madamba | | (858) 495-5453


PUBLIC REVIEW (August 27, 2020 - October 12, 2020)