Traffic Engineering Contacts

If you have reached this page in order to report a roadway emergency such as a dark traffic signal, please call EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTER 24-hour hotline, at (858) 565-5262.

Adopt-A-RoadThe County of San Diego Adopt-A-Road program was established in 1994 to allow non-political organizations, corporations, groups and individuals to participate in maintaining and enhancing San Diego County’s roadsides. Participants agree to pick up litter from a section of roadside for two years. In exchange for their work, the Department of Public Works provides free trash bags and two courtesy signs designating each work site. The program is designed to promote civic responsibility, community spirit and camaraderie and to provide an opportunity to accomplish something worthwhile. Senai Melake

Customer Service and Operational ImprovementsA program designed to address the motoring public's concerns about potential safety hazards on County maintained roads. Our staff of Traffic Engineers and Technicians are available to discuss your concerns, perform field reviews, analyze traffic data, and propose short, medium, and long-term solutions with you in a comprehensive, coordinated effort. Maria Samayoa

Residential Traffic ProgramA program designed to address speeding problems within residential neighborhoods in the unincorporated area of San Diego County through traffic calming methods, engineering, education, and enforcement. Ernie Bartley
Special Event PermitsThe temporary using or closing of a portion of a County maintained road for a parade, block party, run, bicycle ride, or other special event requires a Special Event Permit which may have special conditions as to how the permitted activity will be conducted. The permit is issued for activities which are for the benefit of the community and are in the public interest. An event may require insurance on behalf of the event sponsor providing coverage to the County of San Diego as additionally insured.
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Street Name SignsFor the benefit and safety of the motoring public and to assist emergency vehicles, the County of San Diego Department of Public Works installs and maintains street name signs at the intersection of public roads. In addition, the Board of Supervisors Policy J-4 allows citizens to purchase a street name sign where an officially named private street joins a County maintained street. These signs are installed and maintained by the County. (This policy does not support the installation of a street name sign required by a Parcel or Subdivision Map.) Senai Melake

Traffic Advisory Committee (TAC)The San Diego County Traffic Advisory Committee (TAC) meets approximately every two months to review requests for regulatory controls on the County-maintained road system. Types of regulatory controls considered by the TAC include: Stop and Yield signs, Speed Limits, Traffic Signals, No Parking zones, Time Limit Parking, Weight Limitations, and Angle Parking. After reviewing a request, the TAC submits a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors as to what action it believes to be most appropriate and consistent with driver expectation. The Board of Supervisors then makes the final decision. Before you submit a written request to the TAC, it is recommended that you contact the TAC to discuss your concern.
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Traffic Control PermitWhen construction interrupts the normal function of a roadway, temporary traffic control is necessary to avoid confusion and to ensure the smooth passage of traffic. It is the responsibility of those performing work on or adjacent to a public road in the unincorporated area of the County to install and maintain appropriate traffic control in accordance with an approved traffic control plan. An approved traffic control plan is necessary to provide the motoring public safe passage through the construction zone, as well as to safeguard construction workers. The Traffic Engineering office should be contacted prior to the start of work on a County-maintained roadway or in the County right-of-way to determine if a traffic control permit is necessary and to start the process.
Click Here for a Traffic Control Permit Application and Submittal Checklist
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Traffic SignalsThe Department of Public works maintains Traffic Signals in the unincorporated area of the County of San Diego. Traffic Signals are programmed to change depending on the volume of traffic at the intersection. Requests for new Traffic Signals should be made to the Traffic Advisory Committee. Please note: California Vehicle Code Section 21800(d)(1) states that the driver of any vehicle approaching an intersection which has inoperative traffic control signals shall stop at the intersection and may proceed with caution only when it is safe to do so.
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