Behavioral Health Advisory Board

Purpose Statement and Board Priorities

The purpose of the County of San Diego Behavioral Health Advisory Board is to review and evaluate the community’s behavioral health needs, services, programs, facilities, and procedures used to ensure citizen and professional involvement in the planning process.

Priorities of the Behavioral Health Advisory Board (BHAB) for 2023

BHAB identified priority areas of focus for 2023, with an emphasis on enhancing BHAB’s value to the community. The priorities listed below have been determined through discussions among members at several BHAB meetings including the annual fall retreat held on October 22, 2022.




BHAB will support efforts to improve Behavioral Health Services’ (BHS) community engagement to outreach and inform the community about behavioral health services in a culturally responsive manner.





BHAB will support efforts to improving services relating to long term care coordination and enhanced care management.





BHAB will engage in County efforts to address the regional behavioral health workforce challenges through existing channels and establish formal updates to members to remain informed on the implementation of strategies to address the regional workforce challenges.