Behavioral Health Advisory Board

Purpose Statement and Board Priorities

The purpose of the County of San Diego Behavioral Health Advisory Board is to review and evaluate the community’s behavioral health needs, services, programs, facilities, and procedures used to ensure citizen and professional involvement in the planning process.

Priorities of the Behavioral Health Advisory Board (BHAB) for 2022

BHAB identified priority areas of focus for 2022, with an emphasis on enhancing BHAB’s value to the community. The priorities listed below have been determined through discussions among members at several BHAB meetings including the annual October 2021 fall retreat.




In support of diversion programs, BHAB will coordinate with Behavioral Health Services (BHS) to establish coordination with the County to stay informed, engaged, and contribute recommendations towards alternatives to incarceration to be considered by the Board of Supervisors.


Areas of focus:

• Implementation of the Clean Slate Act AB 1076

• No cash bail policies

• BHS and Sheriff’s Department comprehensive plan to address behavioral health services in the jails




In support of the need to improve behavioral health stakeholder engagement, BHAB will continue to advise BHS on stakeholder engagement to encourage and enable greater focus on this need while building connections to communities of interest that can help inform program and service needs in the community.


Areas of focus:

• Data on disparities among underserved and underrepresented populations

• Representation by communities of color

• Connections to community groups to inform access to care




In support of strengthening the continuum of care, focused on network adequacy and building new programs, more attention to both the depth and breadth of the existing workforce is critical to success. To this endeavor BHAB will thread to the County Workforce Steering Committee through existing channels and establish formal updates to members in order to lend support and offer recommendations towards solutions that address workforce challenges.


Area of focus:

• Create innovative incentives to recruit and maintain professional and para-professional workforce.




In support of alcohol and other drug (AOD) prevention, BHAB will collaborate with BHS to support and inform AOD prevention strategies particularly those led by the Population Health Steering Committee.


Area of focus:

• Harm reduction strategies (i.e., expanded access to naloxone and syringe services)

• Overdose and suicide prevention