Fallbrook Airpark

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Tucked away in northern San Diego County is a gem of a community: Fallbrook. The emerald hills and valley are home to celebrities and everyday people.

Fallbrook Airpark is a gateway to this village of 35,000. It sits atop a hill, and houses about 125 aircraft. Fuel and transient parking are available. Views from the runway and the adjacent viewing and picnicking area are spectacular: Mt. Palomar to the east, Camp Pendleton to the west, the San Luis Rey Valley to the south and downtown Fallbrook to the north.

When you think of the area, avocados probably come to mind. True, it is a center of agriculture and avocado groves are everywhere, but Fallbrook’s Main Street is a real find, an eclectic collection of antique shops, restaurants, art galleries, jewelry stores and other interesting businesses. There’s even an historical museum which traces the community’s growth from 1886 when the Reche brothers named the area after their home in Pennsylvania (Fall Brook).

Over the years, celebrities found their way to town. Hall of Fame baseball player Duke Snider, Martin Milner (Adam 12, Route 66), movie director Frank Capra (It’s a Wonderful Life), Henry Fonda, John Barrymore, Lon Chaney, Liberace and Earle Stanley Gardner all had or have homes in Fallbrook.

Golf is another attraction to the area. Some of the best courses in Southern California are in or near Fallbrook. Pala Mesa Resort, San Luis Rey Downs, Golf Club of California, Fallbrook Golf Club and Temecula Creek Inn are all popular destinations for those with a love of the game.