Waterscape Rebate Program



Sustainable Landscape at a Commercial Building

Get personalized assistance to transform unused turf areas in your large landscape and reduce your water bills.

Get comprehensive, personalized start-to-finish assistance on how to reduce your water bills and maintenance costs by replacing your turf with drought-tolerant landscaping.

Your personal landscape optimization experts will work with you to tailor the best combination of landscaping improvements and rebate options available, helping you cover a large portion of the upgrade cost.



What are the benefits?

Benefit #1

Reduce water use.

When you install low-water-use landscaping, especially in a large property, you’ll save water. San Diego-appropriate plants can reduce water use by 70-80% compared to turf grass. Reducing runoff also helps avoid fines and reduces property repair needs. 


Benefit #2

Beautify your landscape.

Adding diversity — of plants, colors and textures — will improve the look of your landscape immediately. 


Benefit #3

Increase your property value.

Sustainable landscapes have been shown to raise property values by 2-5%.


Benefit #4

Improve local water quality.

Sustainable landscapes keep contaminants out of local waterways where our residents surf, swim and hike.


Benefit #5

Improve community well-being.

Replace noisy mowers and constant maintenance with vibrant landscapes that bring pollinators and lower average temperatures for more enjoyable outdoor leisure.  


What is the process?

1. Discovery Meeting and Participant Agreement

We discuss your needs, devise an initial plan, and confirm your fit for the program.


2. Site Assessment

Our team will assess your landscape and recommend priority upgrades and a turf replacement project.

3. Landscape Design

We’ll help you work with current or new partners to achieve the look you want for your new landscape.

4. Rebate Application

We’ll assess which rebates you’re eligible for and estimate your cost savings. We’ll also help you reserve the rebate funds and get approvals.

5. Turf Removal and Landscape Installation

Your selected contractor will remove turfgrass and install sustainable landscaping and efficient irrigation.

6. Post-Project Verification and Rebate Payment

We’ll make sure you receive your rebate, and help set you up for long-term water management success.


Sustainable Landscaping on a large commercial property

Who is eligible?

Two criteria must be fulfilled:

1. You are a commercial or multifamily property located in unincorporated San Diego County; 


2. You get your water from one of San Diego County Water Authority member agencies.

Check if you’re eligible for both criteria by following the instructions on the Program Eligibility page.

What are the requirements?

  • Must have existing turfgrass with in-ground irrigation
  • Minimum of 10,000 sq. ft of turf available for replacement
  • No turf removed prior to receiving a reservation through the SoCal Water$mart Turf Replacement Program (we will guide you through this after you contact us)
  • Applicant must be an authorized owner or manager for the property

How do I sign up?

This pilot program has limited participation space. Email Megan Chery at meganc@waterscaperebates.com to find out if you’re eligible.

How much is my rebate?

Eligible participants will get up to $4 per sq. ft. of turf grass replaced.

You'll also get technical assistance to identify and complete turf replacement and landscape improvement projects.

Receive 50% off stormwater feature costs (includes up to $3,000 of both labor and materials).

Get expert help obtaining additional rebates for devices including smart controllers, drip irrigation and flow sensors.