Waterscape Rebate Program



Adjusting an Irrigation System

Install smart irrigation controllers to water plants more efficiently and conveniently. 

Save money, stop overwatering, and optimize your water use by installing weather-based irrigation controllers (WBICS).

These controllers allow you to set a customized watering schedule for your landscape, and then automatically adjusts the schedule for weather changes to give your plants exactly what they need.




What are the benefits?

Benefit #1

Only use the water your plants need.

Smart irrigation controllers are precise about how much water your plants need, based on your landscape details, the weather and time of year. 


Benefit #2

Save yourself some work.

Never manually adjust your sprinklers again. Program your controller with your landscape details and let it do its magic. You’ll only need to remember to check your sprinklers twice a year to make sure they are properly aligned. 


Benefit #3

Save money effortlessly.

Californians use 30-60% of our water outdoors, and as much as 50 percent of water used is wasted. Smart controllers can significantly reduce overwatering, helping you slash water bills.  Add that to our rebate — and the savings start to add up.


How much is my rebate?

An irrigation controller comes with a certain number of stations (also called ‘zones’) that can be programmed individually to meet the needs of your landscape. Smaller landscapes are rebated for controllers while large landscapes are rebated for stations.

Up to $80 per controller for less than one acre of landscape.
Up to $60 per station for more than one acre of landscape.

Rebates cannot exceed the purchase price of the controllers.

Who's eligible?

Two criteria must be fulfilled:

1. You are a residential, commercial, or multifamily property located in unincorporated San Diego County; 


2. You get your water from one of San Diego County Water Authority member agencies.

Check if you’re eligible for both criteria by following the instructions on the Program Eligibility page.


Adjusting a Smart Controller

What are the requirements?


  • Residential Properties: apply for this rebate only AFTER you have purchased and installed the device. 
  • Commercial Properties: apply and receive a pre-approval BEFORE purchasing and installing the device.  

You must purchase weather-based irrigation controllers that are EPA WaterSense-certified to qualify for this rebate. See the list of qualifying controllers here. For more information on EPA WaterSense-certified WBICs, visit the EPA’s website.

Please note: Add-on devices qualify only if packaged and sold as a combined unit with a pre-approved controller. All controller systems must be installed with the proper weather sensor equipment according to manufacturer specifications.

What documents are needed from me?

  1. Copy of recent water bill
  2. Copy of sales receipt for device being installed showing purchase date, model number, and price

Want to know more about the whole application process?

See all the details and start your application by heading to the website relevant to you:

Apply Now



This rebate is offered through the SoCalWater$mart website.

SoCal Water$mart searches through all the rebates available at your address, from the County and other partners, and provides a combined total amount that is available to you. This amount may be different for different addresses or at different times.