Disease Information


The following documents offer disease specific information, such as risk factors for developing the disease, prevention resources, and national, state, and local rates of disease. More information on disease rates within San Diego County and its communities can be found in the Regional & Community Data section.



Fact Sheets, Critical Pathways, Briefs and Slide Sets:


  • The Fact Sheet is a single page for the general public with basic facts, risk factors, and prevention resources. 
  • The Critical Pathway is a single page that describes a pathway of disease based on risk factors that are either modifiable or non-modifiable, and displays data for risk factors in the general population and medical encounter data for the disease. 
  • The Briefs are a more in-depth document with facts, risk factors, national, state and local data.  
  • The Slide Sets may be used in a presentation with basic facts, risk factors and local data.

Coronary Heart Disease: Fact Sheet  Critical Pathway  Brief    Slide Set

Stroke: Fact Sheet  Critical Pathway  Brief    Slide Set

Cancer: Fact Sheet  Critical Pathway   Brief     Slide Set

Diabetes: Fact Sheet  Critical Pathway  Brief    Slide Set

Asthma: Fact Sheet  Critical Pathway   Brief     Slide Set

COPD: Fact Sheet    Brief    Slide Set

HIV/AIDS: Fact Sheet  Critical Pathway  Brief    Slide Set

Infant Mortality: Fact Sheet  Critical Pathway  Brief    Slide Set

Obesity: Fact Sheet  Critical Pathway  Brief    Slide Set

Childhood Obesity: Fact Sheet   Critical Pathway   Brief   Slide Set

Unintentional Injury: Fact Sheet    Brief   Slide Set


California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Disease and Conditions List:

A listing of information and statistics by disease and condition for California. 


County of San Diego Community Epidemiology Disease and Conditions List: 

The County of San Diego's Community Epidemiology program has a listing of information provided for selected diseases and conditions monitored by their program.