Valley Center Road Corridor Concept Plan

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Project email address: 

Project phone line: (858) 505-6677

Draft Corridor Concept Plan Public Review 

The project team welcomes all comments on the Draft Corridor Concept Plan (CCP) during the public review period from July 21 through August 20. In the links below, you will find the one-page plan sheet, the zoomed in plans of individual segments and intersections, a cross sections exhibit, and the Draft CCP Analysis Report. In addition, for those unable to attend the July 21 workshop, links are provided to the workshop guide, the workshop guide insert, the exhibit boards used during the workshop first interactive exercise stations, the exhibit boards used during the workshop second interactive exercise, and the workshop presentation (presentation to be uploaded following the workshop).

Submitting Public Review Comments

All comments should be sent to by August 20. To discuss the Draft CCP with staff, discuss the July 21 workshop, ask questions, and/or get clarifications on the proposals included, stakeholders are encouraged to contact the project team at the email address listed above, or at (858) 505-6677. 

Stakeholders may choose to format comments in accordance with the exercise prompts used at the workshop, but that is not required. Comments can be formatted in any way, and all comments will be considered in the next phase of developing a Final CCP. If you would like to use the workshop prompts to guide your comments, in your email, you can list responses for Interactive Exercise 1 (Station 1 response, Station 2 response, etc.) per the prompts in the workshop guide insert linked below, and you can choose an implementation priority 1, 2, and 3, from the choices shown in the exhibit link for exercise 2.

DCCP Full Corridor

Upcoming Meetings

The next meetings will involve two of the Valley Center Community Planning Group’s (CPG) Subcommittees deliberating on the Draft CCP and likely developing recommendations for the full CPG to consider, followed by the full CPG considering Subcommittee recommendation(s) and deliberating on the Draft CCP. There will be time for public comment at each meeting and the details are provided below.

Combined Meeting of the CPG’s Mobility and Community Plan Update  (CPU) Subcommittees 
Wednesday, August 17, 2022, 6:00 PM
Adams Park Meeting Room, 28751 Cole Grade Road, Valley Center

CPG Meeting
Monday, September 12, 2022, 7:00 PM
Valley Center Community Hall, 28246 Lilac Road, Valley Center


 Corridor Concept Plan

VC Pedestrian
VC Cole Grade

The Valley Center Road Village Corridor Concept Plan is a County-initiated project that seeks to formalize a corridor access management strategy for Valley Center Road in the area of the North and South Villages, from Woods Valley Road on the south to Cole Grade Road on the north.


The access management strategy will develop a full range of alternatives with recommendations related to intersection design/control (including signalization improvements and/or roundabouts), safe ingress and egress from adjacent streets/driveways, and operations from the perspective of all road users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, equestrians, and drivers.

Funding for the project is being provided through a grant from Caltrans and the project will run in parallel with a County-initiated community plan update. 

Timeline and Public Workshops

The project is anticipated to run from December 2018 through early 2021, and will help to inform the mobility planning for the Valley Center Community Plan Update, which will be on a similar timeframe.

The Corridor Concept Plan development process will include three public workshops:

Workshop 1 - Community Kickoff: This first public workshop was held on March 12, 2019. 

Workshop 2 - Concept Alternatives: The second public workshop was held on August 25, 2020. 

Workshop 3 – Preferred Concept, Draft Report, and Implementation Plan: At this workshop the preferred concept will be presented, with supporting analysis, including implementation options. 

How to Get Involved

Similar to the parallel Community Plan Update process, there are many opportunities for stakeholder involvement throughout the process, including:

  • Community Workshops
  • Community Planning Group meetings
  • Submitting comments during workshops and anytime via the project email address (noted below)
  • Contacting staff to discuss the project, via the project email address or phone line (also noted below)
  • Subscribing to email updates for the project,  using the link provided at the top and bottom of this page

When upcoming workshops and meetings are scheduled, they will be posted on this page. 


Previous Meetings

The third public workshop included a presentation on the Draft Corridor Concept Plan, and interactive stakeholder exercises to receive public input for the Final Corridor Concept Plan and priorities for implementation.

Draft Corridor Concept Plan Workshop – Thursday, July 21, 2022

Draft CCP Links

Draft CCP One Page Full Corridor Plan Sheet

Draft CCP Zoomed In Plan Views

Draft CCP Cross Sections Exhibit

Draft CCP Analysis Report

Draft CCP Analysis Report Appendices


July 21 Workshop Links

Workshop Presentation

Workshop Guide

Workshop Guide Insert (interactive exercise 1 question prompts by station #)

Exercise 1 – Station 1 Exhibits

Exercise 1 – Station 2 Exhibits

Exercise 1 – Station 3 Exhibits

Exercise 1 – Station 4 Exhibits

Note: Exercise 1, Station 5 was focused on the overall Draft CCP, using the same exhibits found under the Draft CCP Links heading above

Exercise 2 Exhibits


Exploring Themes Virtual Workshop - Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Stakeholders had two weeks following the workshop to complete an input exercise on the themes presented.- The workshop summary and input compilation is in the link below.

Input Compilation Summary

Click here to access the workshop webpage  for more information


Road Study Kickoff Workshop - Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Note: Some files are large and may download slowly.  

For More Information

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