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Searching records from 1853 to 1934

Minute Book ImageDuring this time period, the minutes of the Board of Supervisors meetings were written in longhand. The Clerk of the Board has original minute books for display purposes only. All records that are available for public searching are on microfiche, sorted by meeting date. The index log, available on microfiche, is sorted by subject matter or by County department. There is no supporting documentation for Board actions during this time period, only the notation of the Board action.  Access to these records is available at the Clerk of the Board’s office. However, records from 1889 are searchable online.  See Step 1 for more information.



Searching records from 1935 to 1976
The records during this time period were indexed on cards that were sorted by agency, department, and subject.  If you are unable to locate your record online, you may want to review the subject index to help narrow your search criteria.  Click here to search the Archived Public Records Keyword Index.  The index allows you to filter the list by keywords that closely match your inquiry.  The search results will provide you with the reel and frame number of the microfilmed index card that lists the subject, not the actual record. The search results will also provide you with the physical file location of the original index card.  Then, move to Step 3 to review how to access the index cards to find your record.

Searching records from 1977
In 1977, records were indexed by established key phrases, such as County departments, districts, subjects, etc. The indexing is available on microfiche. The microfiche will indicate the subject, date, description of item, and the microfilm reel and frame number of the official record.

Use the microfiche key phrase index to search for the subject matter, then find the microfiche record that matches the subject.

Searching records from 1978 to present
Click here to learn how to search these records online.

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