About Boards, Commissions and Committees

San Diego County has over 100 citizen boards, committees, commissions (BCCs) and task forces that need residents to serve as members.  

Commission on the Status of Women and Girls

There are many different types of BCCs that support the County.  Some are temporary and only meet for a short time.  They may help make decisions or recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on a specific topic.  Others are permanent groups that were created as part of State or local law.  Some of these committees have legal responsibilities such as the Property Tax Assessment Appeals Hearing Board where members serve three-year terms and make decisions regarding property values on behalf of the Board of Supervisors.  There are committees that assist with everything from health issues to social issues, criminal justice, elderly, planning and land use, parks, libraries, housing, and human relations.

Want to find out MORE?

Visit the Board, Commission, and Committee (BCC) portal where you can check out all the boards, commissions and committees’ details, requirements, and apply online.

Want to participate?

There are many ways you can voice your opinion and participate in meetings of the many different County boards, commissions, and committees:


Attend or Watch the Meeting:  View the specific board or commission’s agenda for the meeting location. Many boards and commissions are also streaming their meetings online. The agenda or the board/commission’s web page will describe how to watch the meeting online. Visit the board or commission’s web page for more information. Links to the web pages are provided in each board or commission’s information page on this site.

Comment in person:  View the specific board or commission agenda for the meeting location. Attend the scheduled meeting and provide your comments in person. 

Comment online:  Many boards and commissions have an e-mail address or online comment form where you can provide your general feedback. Visit the board or commission’s web page for more information. Links to the web pages are provided in each board or commission’s information page on this site.

Before you apply make sure you: 

Check out the committee profiles.  There you can see the legal authority and duties of the BCC, the length of the appointment terms of members, when and where the members meet and provide the name of a contact person.  Some BCCs are considered “decision-making.”  Decision-making BCC’s, such as the Property Tax Assessment Appeals Boards, Planning Commission, County Hearing Officers, Eye Gnat Abatement Appeals Board and Fly Abatement & Appeals Board make decisions on behalf of the Board of Supervisors.

Read any requirements for appointment.  Some committees have requirements for professional experience or education.  Others require members to live in certain areas or meet certain criteria.  Make sure you qualify before you apply.  Additionally, certain BCCs require members to attend a two-hour ethics training every two years and/or file a Statement of Economic Interest Form (Form 700). 

Read the Code of Ethics.  The Board of Supervisors adopted a Code of Ethics for all boards, commissions, committee, and advisory board members.  Make sure you understand what is expected of you if you become a member.  

Are available and ready for the time commitment.  Some BCCs only meet a few times a year while others may require a full day each month or more!  Review the committee profile and make sure you have the availability needed to prepare for meetings and serve.

Check for vacancies.  You can apply for any committee at any time but if there are no vacancies, be prepared to wait!  If you are ready to serve now, make sure you apply for a BCC that has an opening! 

Get your questions answered.  Each BCC has a contact person, and their contact information is available in the committee profile.  You can contact that person with your questions before you apply.  They should be able to tell you about any special application requirements, what they are looking for, and what to expect if you are appointed.  

Express your interest! Each position has a “nominating authority” or a person that has the power to pick the nominee.  This is included in the BCC profile and is usually The Board of Supervisors.  It helps to contact their office and let them know you are applying.  Sometimes they ask for additional forms or information.   If you don’t know who your supervisor is, check out the map here or contact The Registrar of Voters!

Once you have reviewed all the information and found the perfect fit, apply online!  Most BCCs only require the standard application in the portal but you may be contacted after you apply for additional information for certain BCCs.  If you apply to a decision-making board, you will be required to provide evidence of your qualifications and fill out an Incompatible Activities Statement before your application is submitted for consideration by the Board.   

IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  An application for a County Board, Commission, or Committee is a public record subject to disclosure upon request.  Personal information such as your home address and telephone number may be withheld from public view as allowed by law.  

Submitted your application already? 

Be patient!  We keep your application for one year and evaluating the applications takes time!  Things that may be considered when reviewing your application include:

  • Background experience and knowledge of the position.
  • Communication Skills, desire to perform public service, desire to participate in the decision-making process.
  • Leadership experience and participation in community service.

You may even be contacted and asked to discuss your interest and qualifications in person.

If you are selected by a Supervisor to serve on a board, commission or committee, the nomination will be voted on by the Board of Supervisors in a public meeting.   

Upon your appointment, the Clerk of the Board will send you an appointment certificate and a letter confirming your appointment.  We will also send a copy to our contact with the BCC so a representative of the board, committee or commission can reach out to you.  

Good luck and thank you for your interest in giving back to your community!

Additional Helpful Links

  • Unscheduled Vacancies:  These are unplanned vacancies due to resignation, death, termination, creation of a new Committee or other causes.  Vacancy announcements are posted within 20 days after the vacancy occurs and appointments cannot be made until 10 working days after posting, except on an acting basis in any emergency. (Government Code Section 54974)
  • Report of Local Appointments - Annual Roster Of Boards, Commissions and Committees (in compliance with the MADDY Act): This report lists all regular and ongoing boards, commissions, and committees whose members are appointed by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. The list contains all appointive terms which are currently vacant and those that will expire during the next calendar year, with the name of the incumbent appointee, the date of appointment, the date the term expires, and the necessary qualifications for the position. The report also includes a separate list of all boards, commissions, and committees whose members serve at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors.    

  • Code of Conduct for all County boards, commissions, and planning and sponsor groups