Incompatible Activities Rules

The Board of Supervisors' Resolution No. 01-207, adopted July 31, 2001 (10), sets forth rules relating to incompatible activities to County Officers and employees. The resolution implements provisions of the Government Code now set forth in Section 1125 et. seq. Government Code Section 1126. It forbids local agency (including County) officers or employees to "engage in any employment, activity, or enterprise for compensation which is inconsistent, incompatible, in conflict with, or inimical to his or her duties as a local agency officer or employee or with the duties, functions, or responsibilities of his or her appointing power or the agency by which he or she is employed." This legislation prevents local government officers and employees from using their government position in any way for private gain and participation in outside activities which will affect their performance of agency duties. The Board's resolution also describes the rules to be adopted by each appointing authority and the penalties for violation of those rules.

In addition to provisions relating to County Officers and employees, the resolution requires decision-making members of Boards, Commissions and Committees appointed by the Board of Supervisors to disclose to the Committee on Incompatible Activities in writing any outside employment or activity engaged in for compensation which relates to their county duties or to the functions and responsibilities of the department which they serve or which may be subject to approval by another County Officer or employee. Boards, Commissions and Committees whose duties are purely advisory, are excluded from the provisions in Resolution 01-107.

The following decision-making Boards, Commissions and Committees are required to file Incompatible Activities Statement with Clerk of the Board:

  • Air Pollution Control District Hearing Board (APCDHB)
  • Assessment Appeals Board 1
  • Assessment Appeals Board 2
  • Assessment Appeals Board 3
  • Assessment Appeals Board 4
  • County Hearing Officers
  • Eye Gnat Appeals Board
  • Fly Abatement and Appeals Board
  • Planning Commission

The following are the Board-approved Incompatible Activities Rules currently on file with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. 

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Agriculture, Weights and Measures
Air Pollution Control District
Alternate Public Defender
Animal Services
Area Agency On Aging
Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk
Auditor and Controller
Chief Administrative Office
Child Support Services
Citizen’s Law Enforcement Review Board
Civil Service Commission
Clerk Of The Board Of Supervisors
County Counsel
Department of Environmental Health
District Attorney
Farm and Home Advisor
General Services
Health and Human Services
Housing And Community Development
Human Resources
Information Services
Media and Public Relations
Medical Examiner
Office of Emergency Services
Parks and Recreation
Planning & Development Services
Public Administrator/Public Guardian
Public Defender
Public Safety Group
Public Works
Purchasing and Contracting
Registrar of Voters
Treasurer/Tax Collector