Boards and Commissions Code of Conduct

On September 27, 2022 (17), the County Board of Supervisors approved the following Code of Conduct for all County boards, commissions, and planning and sponsor groups. The Code of Conduct is incorporated in Board Policy A-74, "Participation in County Boards, Commissions and Committees" and Board Policy I-1, "Planning and Sponsor Group Policies and Procedures."

Code of Conduct for County of San Diego
Boards, Commissions, Committees, Planning and Sponsor Groups

The County of San Diego’s (County’s) wide range of boards, commissions, committees, and planning and sponsor groups serve a critical role as a mechanism for civic engagement.  While no single code of conduct can address the varied board, commission, committee and planning and sponsor group circumstances, the purpose of this universal Code of Conduct is to create standards and expectations of conduct that align with the County’s values and the “Code of Civil Discourse” from the National Conflict Resolution Center as adopted by the County’s Board of Supervisors.

All members of County boards, commissions, committees and planning and sponsor groups are expected to abide by this Code of Conduct.

By our conduct, we create an environment in which we adhere to and pledge to uphold the following values:

  • We acknowledge that the principal function of County of San Diego boards, commissions, committees and planning and sponsor groups (or representatives) is public service, and we therefore commit to serving the public interest and promoting the greatest public good.
  • We recognize that our actions impact the community's trust in the County and government as a whole and commit to act with honesty and integrity.
  • We commit to vigilance in avoiding bias or conflict of interest whether they be real or perceived, acknowledging that even the perception of such corrodes public trust.
  • We commit to fairness, impartiality, active listening, and consideration of all points of view by setting aside our personal agendas, affiliations, and biases.  We make informed decisions after carefully weighing relevant data and assessing the merits and possible impacts.  
  • We recognize that diversity is a strength and commit to promoting an inclusive and welcoming culture at public meetings and with each other to foster participation and representation across all our varied communities. 
  • We practice civility by fostering a professional environment of courteous, respectful, and equitable treatment of our fellow members, elected officials, County staff and the residents we serve, through our words and actions whether we agree or disagree.
  • We are committed to fostering an environment free from violence, discrimination, intimidation, or harassment of any kind.
  • We are committed to transparency, access to information, and promoting broad public engagement.
  • We will respect and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and County policies including Board of Supervisors’ Policy A-74, “Participation in County Boards, Commissions and Committees," the County’s Code of Ethics, the Political Reform Act, and the Ralph M. Brown Act.

Each individual board, commission, committee or planning and sponsor group may adopt additional standards of conduct based on specific needs.  Any code of conduct violations should be addressed according to the bylaws adopted by that board, commission, committee or planning and sponsor group.