Disclosures of Gifts and Contributions

The County Charter (Section 1000.1) and the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) have specific reporting requirements for any gifts or campaign contributions to County officials or the County.  For reporting requirements, visit the Clerk of the Board's disclosure information page.

Below is a list of required State and local filings that are on file with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.

FPPC Form 801 Filings (Gifts to Agency Report)

Agency/Department Name Donor Name Date Filed
San Diego County Department of Environmental Health CUPA Forum Board 05/04/15
San Diego County Sheriff Department Anti-Defamation League 03/30/2016
San Diego County HHSA Aging & Independence Services AARP 05/16/2017
San Diego County HHSA Aging & Independence Services AARP 05/16/2017
San Diego County Employee Retirement Association (SDCERA) SACRS 07/16/2018
Board of Supervisors- District 1 National Association of Counties 08/28/2018
San Diego County Employee Retirement Association (SDCERA) SACRS  10/23/2018 
San Diego County Employee Retirement Association (SDCERA) SACRS  03/14/2019 
San Diego County Department of Public Defender Conference of Western Attorney General, African Alliance Partnership 08/06/2019



FPPC Form 802 Filings (Report of Ceremonial Role Events and Ticket Admission Distributions)

Agency/Department Name Event Name Date Filed
Treasurer Tax Collector 14th Annual Scholarship Celebration 05/20/2015
Board of Supervisors - District 1 Annual Dinner and Installation  02/08/2016
Treasurer Tax Collector San Diego Fire Rescue Luncheon 03/03/2016
Treasurer Tax Collector East County Chamber - Honors 03/01/2017
Treasurer Tax Collector NAMI Color Ball 02/26/2018
Treasurer Tax Collector SDAR Installation Circle of Excellence 02/26/2018
Board of Supervisors - District 3 Sycuan Casino 35th Anniversary  11/14/2018 
Treasurer Tax Collector NAMI Walk/Run  02/12/2019 
Board of Supervisors - District 2 Proclamation Presentation at Sycuan 05/13/2019



FPPC Form 803 Filings


Elected Officer

(Behested Payment Report)  


Payor Name/Payee Name



Date Filed

Supervisor Bill Horn SDGE 1/23/2015
Supervisor Dave Roberts United Domestic Workers of America 5/22/2015
District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis Bennet Greenwald/Village of Promise 6/26/2015
District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis Barona Band of Mission Indians/Village of Promise 6/26/2015
Sheriff William Gore Darlene Shiley/YWCA 7/16/2015
District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis Porto Vista Hotel/Village of Promise 8/13/2015
District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis Wells Fargo/Village of Promise 8/13/2015
District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis San Diego Gas & Electric/Village of Promise 8/13/2015
Supervisor Greg Cox R. R. Sutherland/Sweetwater Valley Little League 8/24/2015
Supervisor Ron Roberts San Diego Gas & Electric/County of San Diego Board of Supervisors District 4 3/30/2016
District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis King Aminpour & Assoc, PC/San Diego County Safe Communities Fund 4/26/2016
District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis San Diego County SAFE Communities Fund 4/19/2017
Supervisor Ron Roberts SEMPRA 10/17/2017
Supervisor Greg Cox Bob Sutherland/ San Diego Imperial Council, Boy Scouts of America 11/16/2018 
Supervisor Greg Cox Dianne Bashor/ San Diego Imperial Council, Boy Scouts of America 05/10/2019

Reporting of Campaign Contributions or Gifts by Contractors and their Lobbyists (County Charter Section 1000.1)

County of San Diego - Written Disclosure Form

Filer's Name Meeting Date Date Filed
Holland Acquisition Co., LLC  10/30/18  10/25/18 
Overdrive Inc.  02/13/18  02/05/18 
HP Enterprises Services LLC 11/15/16 11/7/16
HP Enterprises Services LLC 12/2/14 11/26/14
Advance Database Management 10/21/14 10/13/14
WAVE Technology Solutions Group 10/21/14 10/13/14
First Data Government Solutions, LP 6/18/13 6/7/13
Nancy Chase 6/18/13 6/7/13
California State Association of Counties 6/18/13 6/7/13
West Publishing Corporation 5/10/11 5/03/11
WAVE Technology Solutions Group 9/28/10 9/17/10
Advance Database Management 9/28/10 9/17/10
NOVA Commercial Company Inc. 4/27/10 4/19/10
Jani-King of California Inc. 4/27/10 4/19/10
ISS Facilities Services Inc. 4/27/10 4/19/10
Rocket Enterprises 10-21-09 10-12-09
Heritage Security Services 06-17-09 06-05-09
Keyser Marston Assoc 05-12-09 05-08-09
Valley Crest Landscape Development 05-13-09 05-01-09
Correctional Alternatives, Inc.. 2-10-09 2-2-09