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Below is a list of the current and recent Public Hearing Notices for Board of Supervisors meetings.

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Notice is hereby given that the Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing at 9:00 a.m. on September 14, 2021 in Room 310 at the County Administration Center, 1600 Pacific Highway, San Diego, CA regarding the Fiscal Year (FY) 2020-21 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER).

The County is required to prepare a CAPER each year which describes program accomplishments during the last fiscal year for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Home Investment Partnerships (HOME), Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG), and Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) programs.  The San Diego “Urban County” CDBG and ESG Programs fund housing and community development activities in the unincorporated area and in six participating cities (Coronado, Del Mar, Imperial Beach, Lemon Grove, Poway, and Solana Beach). The San Diego County HOME Consortium Program provides funds for housing activities in the CDBG and ESG Program areas and in six Consortium cities (Carlsbad, Encinitas, La Mesa, San Marcos, Santee, and Vista). The HOPWA program jurisdiction covers the entirety of the San Diego County, including larger cities.


The public is invited to attend the public hearing to comment on the CAPER. The public may also provide comments in writing during the 15-day comment period ending September 14, 2021. The CAPER can be accessed at .

Written comments should be addressed to Housing and Community Development Services, Community Development Division, 3989 Ruffin Road, San Diego, CA 92123, (619) 346-3375, or emailed to: . Those who are deaf or hard of hearing may contact the department at (866) 945-2207. Those who need assistance to participate in the meeting (non-English speaking, hearing impaired, etc.) should contact staff at least five days prior to the meeting to request special arrangements.


Due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) public health emergency, the County of San Diego is making several changes related to Board of Supervisors meetings to protect the public's health and prevent the disease from spreading locally.  County of San Diego Board of Supervisors meetings are currently open to the public, or members of the public can view several options to present their public comment online: Public Comment Options



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Supervisors of the County of San Diego will conduct a public hearing to consider rescinding the County initiated Transportation Study Guide and CEQA Guideline Update as follows:


Date:               September 15, 2021

Time:               9:00 a.m.

Location:         County Administration Center, 1600 Pacific Highway, Room 310, San Diego, California 92101

Any member of the general public may participate in the Public Hearing pursuant to the regulations in place at the time of the meeting. Those wishing to participate in the meeting and/or comment should visit for information on how to do so.

APPLICANT:  County of San Diego

PROJECT/CASE NUMBERS: Consider Rescinding the Transportation Study Guide Implementing Vehicle Miles Traveled Analysis in the Unincorporated Region (PDS2018-POD-18-001)

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: On June 24, 2020, the County adopted the Transportation Study Guide (TSG), a technical guide for analyzing transportation impacts under CEQA using Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT), consistent with Senate Bill 743. Adoption of the TSG is not required by law but provides guidance for applicants and decisionmakers in analyzing transportation impacts. In 2018, the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) issued a Technical Advisory recommending that, for projects in unincorporated county areas, the lead agency compare a project’s VMT to “the region’s” average VMT. The County considered the Technical Advisory at the time it adopted the TSG. The OPR Technical Advisory did not define a region and did not make any specific recommendations on the boundary that should be established for unincorporated areas to analyze VMT.  On June 29, 2021, OPR clarified that unincorporated areas of counties should use a threshold based on the average VMT of the entire San Diego county region. Today's request is for the County Board of Supervisors (Board) to adopt a resolution to rescind the current TSG, which had relied on an unincorporated area average for VMT. 

Today’s action also includes direction for staff to return to the Board in January 2022 with additional information on the 13 items the Board directed staff to analyze related to VMT on May 19, 2021 (1), including more opportunities for infill development, creation of transit accessible areas, opportunities for affordable housing, and VMT mitigation programs, and consider preparation of a revised TSG after considering the report on the 13 items directed by the Board.

LOCATION: The project is located within the unincorporated area of San Diego County, which consists of 3,570 square miles in the southwestern corner of the State of California.

ENVIRONMENTAL STATUS: It has been determined that this action is not a “project” as defined in the Public Resources Code Section 21065 and CEQA Guidelines Section 15378; and, is not subject to CEQA pursuant to Public Resources Code Section 21080(b)(1) and CEQA Guidelines Sections 15060(c) and 15061(b)(3). In addition, even if the action constitutes a project under CEQA, it would be categorically exempt under CEQA Guidelines Section 15308 as an action taken by an agency to assure the enhancement or protection of the environment.

GENERAL INFORMATION: This public hearing is accessible to individuals with disabilities. If interpreter services for the hearing impaired are needed, please call the Americans With Disabilities Coordinator at (619) 531-5205 or California Relay Service, if notifying by TDD, no later than seven days prior to the date of the hearing.

NOTE:  If you challenge the action which may be taken on this proposal in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the above public hearing, or in written correspondence delivered to the Hearing Body at or before the hearing. Rules of the Hearing Body may limit or impose requirements upon the submittal of such written correspondence.

For additional information, please contact Jacob Armstrong, Chief, at (619) 756-2463 or by e-mail at