Property Tax Assessment Appeals Forms


The following forms may be used during the process to appeal your property tax assessment.  Most forms are in Adobe Acrobat Reader format.  Applications, forms, and instructional documents all require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The Assessment Appeal Application must be submitted with an original signature and can only be received by mail or submitted in person.  The additional forms may be submitted via Fax (619) 338-8159 or email  


Assessment Appeal Application This form is required for formally disputing your property’s assessed valuation.  View the step-by-step guide before filing your application.
45-Day Notice of Hearing Waiver Allows you to waive the 45-day noticing period for an upcoming hearing.
Agreement to Extend Time for Hearing   
(Two Year Waiver)
To be used when nearing the two-year deadline for action on your Assessment Appeal Application.
Assessment Appeal Withdrawal  Used to withdrawal your Assessment Appeal Application.  No further action will be taken on withdrawn applications.
Authorization of Agent/Designation of Attorney (Agent’s Authorization) Allows an agent to represent you on behalf of your Assessment Appeal Application.
Contact Information Change Request Updates the contact information on your Assessment Appeal Application.
Economic Unit Supplemental Page For Additional Parcels (Supplemental Form) Used to add additional parcels to an Assessment Appeal Application for properties that have contiguous parcels which represent one economic unit.
Postponements and Continuances (Reset Request) Request for a postponement or continuance of your scheduled hearing (request can only be submitted 21 days prior to the scheduled hearing).
Reopen Request Request to have your case reopened after it has been denied for lack of appearance.  Please view the form for more information.
Revocation or Substitution of Agent or Attorney (Agent/Attorney Removal Request) Used to remove an agent or attorney as your representative of your Assessment Appeal Application.
Agreement to Waive In Person Assessment Appeal Hearing Used to waive in-person appearance at Assessment Appeal hearing.