Board of Supervisors Policy Manual

New policies and policy amendments should be processed using the template, and in accordance with the instructions, on the Clerk of the Board's Intranet site.


[ Policy History Update List ]



A-1 Board of Supervisors Policy Manual
AA-1 Board of Supervisors Policy Manual Modifications-Exceptions
A-4 Appointment of Directors to the California State Association of Counties
A-5 Appointment of Committee Members to Various State Committees
A-8 Services to Newly Incorporated Cities
A-13 General Regulatory Legislation
A-26 Responsibilities and Duties of the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors
A-29 County Counsel Review and Approval as to Form and Legality of Documents Submitted to the Board of Supervisors or County Officers for Approval
A-38 Management of Board of Supervisors General Office Operations and Budget and Administrative Support to Board Offices
A-39 Process to Fill Vacancies on the Board of Supervisors
A-43 Response to Grand Jury Reports
A-44 Notification to Alternate Members of Boards and Commissions
A-54 Public Access to County Records
A-67 Primary Care Services
A-68 Expediting Permit Processing for Lower Income Housing Developments
A-71 San Diego County Economic Development
A-72 Board of Supervisors' Agenda and Related Processes
A-73 Openness in County Government
A-74 Citizen Participation in County Boards, Commissions, and Committees
A-76 Sunset Review Process
A-77 Appointment to Fill Vacancies and Cancellation of Election where Insufficient Nominations Filed Prior to Uniform District Election and Citizen Planning Group Election
A-79 Interlocking Directorates
A-80 Publication of Ordinance Summaries and Display Advertisements
A-81 Procurement of Contract Services
A-84 Policy for Public Funding of Memberships in Professional Associations
A-87 Competitive Procurement
A-89 Delegation of Authority for Certain Lease and Promissory Note Management Responsibilities to Chief Administrative Officer and County Counsel
A-90 Outside Auditor: Length of Contract
A-92 Juvenile Justice
A-93 Board Policy on Matters Subject to Meet and Confer
A-94 Disposal of Personal Property
A-95 Compensation Ordinance Amendments
A-97 Protest Procedures for Award of Contracts
A-98 Board Policy on Non-Interference in Administrative Affairs
A-99 Tobacco and Electronic Smoking Device Use, Prevention and Cessation
A-100 Flood Control District Advisory Commission
A-102 Seismic Safety Policy
A-103 Administration of County Code Provisions Related to the Prevention and Control of Fly Breeding on Commercial Poultry Ranches
A-104 The Role of San Diego County Capital Asset Leasing Corporation 
A-105 Process to Fill Vacancies of Elected Offices other than Board of Supervisors
A-106 Water Supply, Conservation and Reclamation
A-108 Service of Summons and Complaints on Members of the Board
of Supervisors in Lawsuits Against Individual Supervisors in their
Official Capacity
A-110 Zero Tolerance of Illegal Drug Activity in Housing
A-111 Data/Information and Information Systems
A-112 Acceptance and Use of Gifts and Donations
A-114 County Prevention Policy
A-115 Expediting Permit Processing for Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment/Recovery Facilities
A-120 Zero Tolerance for Fraud in County Programs and Services
A-121 Violence and Threats in the Workplace: Zero Tolerance
A-123 County Community Reinvestment Policy
A-124 Economic Incentives
A-125 Americans with Disabilities Act: Employment Provisions
A-126 Proposition 172 and New Program Revenues in the Sheriff’s Department,
Office of the District Attorney and the Probation Department
A-127 County Domestic Violence Prevention Policy
A-128 Comprehensive Homeless Policy
A-129 Compliance with the Countywide Records Management Program
A-130 County of San Diego Volunteer Policy
A-131 Privacy Protection
A-132 Gender-Responsive Services for Juvenile Justice-Involved Females and At-Risk Young Women and Girls
A-133 Provide guidelines for staff levels in the Health and Human Services Agency
A-134 Procedures for Appointment to Resources Conservation District Board of Directors
A-135 Process for Board of Supervisors Appointments to the Retirement Board
A-136 Use of County of San Diego General Management System for Administration of County Operations
A-137 Environmentally Responsible Use of Copy and Printing Paper
A-138 Use of County Seal
A-139 Language Access


B-3 Recovery of Payments Made In Error
B-4 Administration and Management of Public Liability Claims
B-5 Delinquent County Accounts - Small Claims Actions by the Auditor and
Controller, Office of Revenue and Recovery
B-26 Non-Acceptance of Surety Bonds
B-28 Limitation of Liability on Service Agreements
B-29 Fees, Grants, Revenue Contracts - Department Responsibility for Cost Recovery
B-31 Risk Management
B-36 Acts Required or Authorized to be Performed Under Revenue and Taxation Code Section 4675 by the Treasurer-Tax Collector
B-37 Use of the Capital Program Funds
B-38 Tuition Refund Program
B-39A Veteran Owned Business (VOB) and Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise (DVBE) Program
B-40 Administration of Workers' Compensation Liabilities
B-41 Liability Coverage for Volunteers
B-42 Authorization of Power by the Board of Supervisors to the County Auditor and Controller, the County Treasurer- Tax Collector, and the County Counsel Pursuant to Section 4804 of the Revenue and Taxation Code
B-43 Drawing of New Warrants by the County Auditor and Controller
B-44 Audit Follow-Up
B-45 Property Tax Exchanges Resulting from Jurisdictional Changes
B-47 Administration of Unemployment Insurance Claims
B-48 Voluntary Medical and Property Damage Coverage for Non-County-Owned Polling Places
B-53 Small Business Policy (SBP)
B-55 Underwriting Costs of County Publications and Activities
B-57 Authorization for the County Treasurer-Tax Collector to Act for the Board of Supervisors to Implement Revenue and Taxation Code Section 3731 to Provide for Rescission of Tax Sales of Tax-Defaulted Property
B-58 Funding of the Community Enhancement Program
B-63 Competitive Determination of Optimum Service Delivery Method
B-65 Long-Term Obligations and Financial Management Policy
B-66 Procurement of Products and Services from Other Governmental Agencies (OGAs) including the California's Prison Industry Authority (PIA)
B-67 Environmentally Preferable Procurement
B-69 Allocation of County Penalty Assessment Funds
B-72 Neighborhood Reinvestment Program


C-2 Grievance Procedure for Unrepresented Classified Employees
C-4 Employee Training
C-17 Policy for Effecting Equal Opportunities Within San Diego County
C-18 Off Duty Recreational, Social and Athletic Activity of Officers and Employees
C-19 Ownership of Creative Works Prepared by County Employees
C-20 Job Related Medical Limitations
C-22 Sexual Harassment Policy
C-23 Sick Leave
C-25 County of San Diego Drug and Alcohol Use Policy
C-26 Teleworking
C-27 Use of Settlement Agreements in County Personnel Actions
C-28 Criminal Background Check Policy


D-7 Out-of-County Business and Related Guidelines and Processes Purpose


E-7 Disposition of Remains of Deceased Indigents
E-10 Comprehensive Health and Social Services System
E-11 The Role and Function of Edgemoor Distinct Part Skilled Nursing Facility
E-12 Out-of-Home Placement for Children
E-14 Expenditure of Tobacco Settlement Revenue in San Diego County
E-15 San Pasqual Academy


F-1 Screening of Tax-Deeded Property for Possible Public Use
F-5 Special Assessment Payments - County Property
F-16 Cleaning and Repair of Sewer Laterals
F-22 Lease of Real Property for County Use
F-23 Inclusion of Works of Art on Certain County Public Buildings
F-24 Eminent Domain Procedure
F-26 Utilization of Park Lands Dedication Ordinance Fees and Interest 
F-38 Edgemoor Property Development
F-40 Procuring Architectural, Engineering and Related Professional Services
F-41 Public Works Construction Projects
F-44 Development of McClellan-Palomar Airport
F-45 Pesticide Use Reduction
F-46 Authority to Name County Buildings and Facilities
F-47 Procuring Professional Services to Assist with County Acquisition and Leasing of Real Property
F-48 Review of Fire District Ordinances which contain Requirements that Exceed those of the State Fire Marshal
F-49 Americans with Disabilities Act: Accessible Programs and Facilities
F-51 County Real Property Asset Management
F-52 Naming of County Park and Recreation Amenities
F-53 Honorary Bridge Naming


G-1 Use of County Facilities by Employee Groups for Election of Officers
G-4 National Flag - Policy and Display at County Buildings
G-6 User Fees County Parks and Recreation Facilities
G-9 Parking Regulation for County-Owned or Leased Parking Lots
G-10 Exterior Lighting at the County Administration Center and Cedar & Kettner Parking Structure
G-11 Use of County Facilities by Non-County Organizations
G-14 Employee-Occupied County-Owned Residences
G-15 Design Standards for County Facilities and Property
G-15A County Administration Center Design Guidelines and Facilities Project Coordination
G-16 Capital Facilities Planning
G-17 Participation in the Art Halls/Art Walls Program
G-18 Tax Deductions, Credits, Incentives and Rebate Programs on County Capital Projects

Design Guidelines and Standards for County Parks and Recreational Facilities 


H-1 Fleet Management Internal Service Fund
H-2 Fleet Vehicle And Mobile Equipment Acquisition Policy
H-10 Assignment and Use of County-Owned Vehicles and Mobile Equipment

SECTION I Planning Land Use Controls

I-1 Planning and Sponsor Group Policies and Procedures
I-17 Right-of-Way Dedication and Public Improvement Requirements in Connection with Zone Reclassifications
I-18 Right-of-Way Dedication and Public Improvement Requirements in Connection with Major and Minor Use Permits
I-19 Subdivision of Land-Substitution of One Form of Improvement Security for Another -Reduction of Security
I-21 Minor Modifications and Change of Ownership on Subdivision Agreements
I-24 Establishment of Assessment Districts to Provide for Public Improvements and Facilities for Flood Control and Drainage
I-29 Certificates of Zoning Compliance for Advertising Signs
I-30 Minor Street Acquisitions, Vacations or Abandonments
I-32 Distribution of Notices of Board of Supervisors Conferences on Planning Matters
I-38 Agricultural Preserves
I-44 Procedure for Designing New County-owned Local Parks
I-48 Extending Sewer Lines Within the San Diego County Sanitation District
I-49 Distribution of Notification of Land Use Hearings
I-50 San Diego Regional Standards for Public Works Projects
I-51 Connection to Interceptor Sewers Within the San Diego County Sanitation District
I-53 Cost Responsibility for the Construction of Flood Control and Drainage Facilities Within Road Rights-of-Way
I-60 Prohibition of Grading Until Annexation or Other Discretionary Actions are Completed
I-63 General Plan Amendment Initial Review
I-70 Reporting Complaint and/or Violations History for Planning Actions Brought Before Hearing Boards
I-73 Hillside Development Policy
I-74 Enforcement of Permitted and Non-Permitted Grading on Private Property
I-78 Small Wastewater Treatment Facilities
I-80 Covenants to Improve Off-Site Private Road Easements for Minor Subdivisions
I-81 Easements and Rights-of-Way on County-owned or Special District-owned Real Property
I-84 Project Facility Availability and Commitment for Public Sewer, Water, School and Fire Services
I-91 Policy for Use of Irrevocable Letters of Credit in Lieu of Cash Payments for Sewer Capacity Commitments for Major Subdivisions Within the San Diego County Sanitation District
I-92 Undergrounding of Utilities - Waiver Requests
I-98 Expiration of Use Permit--Notification of Applicant
I-99 Expenditure and Use of Revenue for Replacement and Improvement of San Diego County Sanitation District Facilities
I-100 Minor Encroachments into an Open Space Easement
I-103 Open Space Easement Vacations
I-104 Policy and Procedures for Preparation of Community Design Guidelines
I-105 Mobile Home Park Conversion Policy
I-108 Acceptance of Surety Bonds from Developers
I-109 Subcommittee and Plans to Guide Development of the Otay Ranch Project
I-111 Land Use Policy for Discretionary Permits Adjacent to the International Border
I-112 Request to Form or Annex to Assessment and Special Tax Districts for New Developments
I-113 Restrictions on Future Sewer Connections in the Julian Sewer Service Area of the San Diego County Sanitation District
I-115 Limitations on Continuances by Hearing Bodies
I-117 Mitigation Banking Policy
I-118 Refund and Relief Policy When Permits and Projects are Issued in Error
I-119 Review of Environmental Impact Reports by County Counsel in Coordination with the County Environmental Coordinator
I-121 Procedure for Determining Public Convenience or Necessity for Alcohol Beverage License Applications
I-122 Use of the County's 5% Allowable Loss of Coastal Sage Scrub by Other Jurisdictions
I-123 Conservation agreement for the Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) plan
I-132 Valley Center Mitigation Policy
I-133 Support and Encouragement of Farming in San Diego County
I-134 Role of County Counsel In Land Use Matters
I-135 Allocation of Excess Capacity in the Campo Water and Sewer Service Area
I-136 Comprehensive Goals and Policies for Community Facilities Districts
I-137 Processing Inactive Projects
I-138 Mitigation On County-Owned Land Managed By The Department Of Parks And Recreation

SECTION J Roads Streets and Highways

J-2 Relocation of Utility Facilities, Improvement of County Streets and Roads
J-4 Street Name Signs; Requests from Private Individuals
J-10 Installation of New or Replacement or Extension of Existing Utility Facilities in Road Projects Financed by Countywide Funds
J-16 Use of Permanent Road Division Zones for Maintenance of Local Roads
J-17 Undergrounding of Existing Overhead Utility Facilities
J-20 San Diego County Street Lighting District
J-21 "One-Foot Strip" Road Openings
J-25 Participation by Individuals, Organizations, Private Developers,
or other Jurisdictions in the Implementation of Intersection Betterments
J-28 San Diego County Traffic Guidelines
J-31 Placement of Transit Benches and Shelters in County-Maintained Rights of Way
J-33 Use of Eminent Domain on Behalf of Private Developers
J-35 Protection of Routes to Accommodate the Transportation of Oversize Loads
J-36 Policy and Procedures for Preparation of Community Right-of-Way Development Standards
J-37 Landscape Maintenance Districts
J-38 Complete Streets Policy 


K-6 Loan of County-owned Personal Property to Non-County Activities
K-9 Emergency Medical Services-Ambulance Services
K-11 Use and Distribution of County-Owned Sandbags and Other Resources
K-12 Emergency Medical System Management
K-14 Healthy Choice Options in Vending Machines on County Property
L-1 Narcotics Law Enforcement


M-1 Legislative Proposals - Sponsored by the Board of Supervisors
M-2 Legislative Policy: Legislative Advocacy