APCD Fee Schedule

San Diego County
Air Pollution Control District
Hearing Board Variance Information /
Fee Schedule



Variance/Request Length of Variance Fees

Regular Variance

Emergency Variance

1 year maximum

30 days maximum


$977.00 *

90-Day Variance 90 days maximum $1259.00 *
Interim & Regular Variance Interim Portion valid through date of hearing on Regular Portion
90 days to 1 year maximum Regular Portion
$1459.00 *
10 days to file. Hearing within 30 days.
N/A $1544.00 *
$184.00 for each two hours, or any portion thereof, of hearing in addition to the first hearing day necessary to dispose of said appeal.
Application to Modify or Extend Variance or Abatement Order N/A $888.00 *

*Air Pollution Control District Rule 42 Updated July 1, 2019


Fees are payable by cash or a check. Checks are made payable to the County of San Diego, 1600 Pacific Highway, Room 402, San Diego, CA 92101.