Property Specific Requests NM16, RM15, SD2, & SV17

The Property Specific Requests (NM16, RM15, SD2, & SV17) General Plan Amendment (GPA 12-012) and Rezone was considered at the March 7, 2014 Planning Commission hearing. 

Planning Commission Hearing Report

Attachment A - Resolution

Attachment B - Proposed Changes to General Plan Land Use Designations and Zoning

Attachment C - Zoning Ordinance Amendment

Attachment D - Environmental Findings and Documentation

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On August 3, 2011, the Board of Supervisors (Board) adopted the General Plan Update. Following adoption, the Board held workshop hearings to review 137 Property Specific Requests (PSRs) that had arisen during public testimony on the General Plan Update and for which the requested Land Use designations were not included in the final Plan. The first set of these workshop hearings took place during the Board hearings of January 9 through January 11, 2012, resulting in Board direction for further staff evaluation of 56 of the requests.

In the summer of 2012, the Board held additional hearings on the PSRs, to receive staff analysis and evaluation, and then to decide on which PSRs to include in a County-initiated General Plan Amendment (GPA). During the June 20, and June 27, 2012, Board hearings, staff provided further evaluation of each of the 56 requests, including complexity categories, and provided a workplan, schedule, and associated costs for preparing a GPA to cover all or a portion of those requests. During these hearings, the Board took action to direct staff to process 47 of the PSRs in County-initiated GPAs.

At a subsequent Board hearing on July 25, 2012, the Board reviewed options for processing the 'Very Low Complexity' category of PSRs, and directed staff to return to the Board with a report on processing these concurrently with the General Plan Clean-Up. At the September 12, 2012, Board hearing, staff returned with a recommendation to process four (NM16, RM15, SD2, and SV17) of the 12 Very Low Complexity PSRs concurrently with the General Plan Clean-Up. Staff recommended these four due to the degree of consistency with the principles, goals, and policies of the General Plan, community support for the requests, and because the additional requested density had been previously analyzed for each of the requests; either through the alternatives analysis in the General Plan EIR, or through adopted Mitigated Negative Declarations (MNDs) that had been prepared for approved Tentative Maps in two of the PSR areas. The Board voted to approved this staff recommendation. Staff reports, Board minute orders, and other additional information on the PSR hearings can be found at:

This PSR GPA for NM16, RM15, SD2, and SV17, has been processed concurrently with the General Plan Clean-Up GPA (GPA 12-007), and like the Clean-Up, this GPA relies on an Addendum to the General Plan EIR for CEQA purposes. Although the PSR GPA will be heard at a separate Planning Commission hearing from the Clean-Up GPA, which was heard at the Planning Commission on January 24, the two GPAs will be presented at the same future Board hearing.

There remain 43 additional PSRs that the Board directed staff to include in a County-initiated GPA, during the June 2012 hearings. These PSRs are being processed separately as GPA 12-005. Additional information on that GPA can be found at:


Property Specific Requests (NM16, RM15, SD2, & SV17) General Plan Amendment (GPA 12-012)

This PSR GPA proposes Land Use designation changes for specific parcels in four PSR areas. Study areas have been added to PSRs RM15 and SD2 for mapping consistency purposes. In addition, corresponding zoning changes are included with the Land Use designation changes, to ensure zoning and General Plan consistency. The link below provides community-level maps, showing existing Land Use designations in the community, followed by zoomed in maps of each PSR area and the changes proposed with this project.

PSRs GPA (NM16, RM15, SD2, & SV17) - Maps & Proposed Changes

Staff contact: Kevin Johnston - (858) 694-3084,


Large Format Countywide and Community-Level PSR locator maps