Cottonwood Sand Mine Notice of Preparation (NOP) of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

PDS2018-MUP-18-023; PDS2018-RP-18-001; Log No. PDS2018-ER-18-19-007

The Project includes a Major Use Permit (PDS2018-MUP-18-023) and a Reclamation Plan (PDS2018-RP-18-001).

The project seeks approval of a Major Use Permit (MUP) and Reclamation Plan to conduct a sand mining operation on 251 acres of an approximately 280-acre property that has been and is currently known as the Cottonwood Golf Club.  Sand mining would occur on approximately 214 of the 251 acres.  Approximately 4.8 million cubic yards (CY) (7.05 million tons) of material would be extracted and processed, with approximately 3.8 million CY (5.7 million tons) of marketable aggregate produced for sale over a 10-year period. Extraction operations would be limited to a maximum production of 380,000 CY (570,000 tons) of construction grade aggregate per calendar year.  The project is located at 3121 Willow Glen Drive within the Valle De Oro Community Planning Area within the unincorporated area of San Diego County.  The project site extends west to east from approximately 600 feet east of the intersection of Willow Glen Drive and Jamacha Road, to approximately 0.25 miles west of the intersection of Willow Glen Drive and Hillsdale Drive.  Willow Glen Drive parallels the north side of the project site and Steele Canyon Road bisects the western portion of the site. 

A public scoping meeting was held to solicit comments on the NOP documents on November 4, 2019 at 6:00 PM, at the Hillsdale Middle School, 1301 Brabham Street, El Cajon, CA 92019.

Public Scoping Meeting Handout from November 4, 2019 NOP Meeting

Project Contact: Robert Hingtgen | | (858) 694-3712

Project Manager: Heather Steven | | (858) 495-5802

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PUBLIC REVIEW PERIOD (October 24, 2019 - November 22, 2019)