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Expanded Food Service Options at Local Breweries, Wineries and other Commercial Establishments

On January 14, 2017, an ordinance to increase food service options at breweries, wineries, and other commercial establishments went into effect.  The Board of Supervisors approved this ordinance based on information gathered during a pilot study of food service at wineries and breweries. The ordinance created two new permit types for food service: Host Facility and Direct Sales Caterer.  These permits work in conjunction to meet California retail food safety standards.

Direct Sales Caterer, Summary of Requirements
Is required to meet the standards that apply to traditional caterers and additionally, while operating at a Host Facility - utilize portable mechanical refrigeration, provide an approved handwashing station in their food preparation area, and operate in a fully enclosed food booth.

A direct sales caterer can also conduct traditional catering to private events (a traditional private event catering permit would not be needed in addition to a direct sales catering permit.) Inspections of Direct Sales Caterers will take place at their commissary and in the field.

To apply to become a Direct Sales Caterer – complete the Direct Sales Catering Standard Operating Procedure and submit it to

Host Facility, Summary of Requirements – Provide access for the Direct Sales Caterer to potable hot and cold water, warewashing sink, mop sink, electricity to power portable mechanical refrigeration equipment, and a commercial restroom. Host facilities would be subject to plan check requirements and an annual inspection.

To apply to become a Host Facility please review the Host Facility Requirements to determine if you are eligible for a consultation or plan submission, and submit the plan check application.

  • Consult with your local Wastewater Authority to determine if a grease trap is required in your city to operate a Host Facility.  Many wastewater treatment agencies require a grease trap to prevent blockage of the sewer system due to grease and oils discharged into plumbing from a facility where food is served.

Please note that the Host Facility and Direct Sales Catering permits are additional options for food service - not a requirement.  To see all food service options for breweries and wineries, access the links below:

          Food Options at Breweries and Urban Wineries: PDF
          Food Options at Unincorporated Wineries: PDF

Catering Publications

    Catering Ordinance Clean Version: PDF

    County News Center: Article
    Catering Pilot Study Findings and Recommendations: PDF
    Commissary Letter of Agreement Form: PDF
    Food Options at Breweries and Urban Wineries: PDF
    Food Options at Unincorporated Wineries: PDF
    Host Facility Requirements: PDF
    Host Facility Plan Check Flow Chart: PDF
    Plan Check Application: PDF
    Host Facility Plan Submittal Guidance and Checklist: PDF
    Direct Sales Catering - Standard Operating Procedures Worksheet: PDF

    If you would like to know more about the ordinance or have questions, please contact Nolberto Colon-Droz at (858) 505-6793 or at