Recycled Water


The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) regulates the use of recycled water through a delegation agreement with the State Department of Public Health.  The purpose is to protect the public from health risks associated with cross-connections of recycled water and drinking water supplies, as well as to prevent health risks from body contact with recycled water.  

Land and Water Quality Division staff review recycled water use plans, and conduct site inspections to ensure drinking water supplies are not contaminated with recycled water.  Staff also monitor spray irrigation sites to ensure the recycled water irrigation does not present a risk to the public.  Recycled water sites must also pass an initial cross-connection control shut down test and every four years thereafter.  This can be coordinated with the water district supplying the recycled water.

Applications, plans, and payment(s) can be submitted to DEH-Recycled Water in person at the check-in counter located at 5510 Overland Ave, San Diego, CA 92123.   

Or by mail to 5500 Overland Ave, Suite 210, San Diego, CA 92123.  

Plan Submittal 

Please note a complete plan check submittal shall include: 

  1. A complete application
  2. Plans and/or engineer's report (paper or electronic are accepted).  
  3. Required project payment.

Once all of the above listed items are provided, the plan review process may take up to 20 days. The applicant will be advised of project approval or will be provided comments of any deficiencies should the project be disapproved.

Online Plan Submittal

The DEH Recycled Water Program accepts plans online for review.  For detailed instructions on how to submit plans online see the following user guide.

Resubmitted electronic plans must notify DEH Recycled Water Program once plans have been re-uploaded with applicable LRWS-number. 



Glenn Leeks, EHS III | PH: 619.607.8351 | e-mail:

David McMullen, EHS II | PH: 858.880.4371 | e-mail:


Useful Information

California Health Laws Related To Recycled Water

Recycled Water Plan Check and Inspection Manual (DEH 2001 Edition)


Frequently Asked Questions

Plan Check Application

Shutdown Test Application Form