Jobs in DEHQ

The Department of Environmental Health and Quality seeks motivated individuals to help protect the environment, improve the quality of life of its citizens, and assist in promoting a sustainable community.

The following job titles are generally used by the Department. For more detailed information on these job titles, please visit the Department of Human Resources Job Page.


Job Code Job Code Title
002493 Account Clerk
002521 Account Clerk Specialist
002403 Accounting Technician
002304 Admin Analyst I
002303 Admin Analyst II
002302 Admin Analyst III
002758 Admin Secretary III
002759 Admin Secretary IV
002306 Admin Trainee (T)
005426 Agricultural Scientist
004750 Assoc Health Physicist
002430 Cashier
000927 Chief, Departmental Operations
002120 County Veterinarian
002541 Data and Research Analyst
002134 Dep Dir, Env Health & Quality
002328 Departmental HR Officer
002338 Departmental Safety Coord
002260 Dir of Environmental Health
002122 Dir, Envirn Health and Quality
004317 Disease Research Scientist
004707 Environmental Health Tech
004721 Environmental Hlth Spec I
004722 Environmental Hlth Spec II
004723 Environmental Hlth Spec III
004705 Environmental Hlth Spec Tr
000318 Group Program Manager
002438 Human Resources Specialist
003692 Hydrogeologist
003163 Industrial Hygienist I
003857 Industrial Hygienist II
003162 Industrial Hygienist III
002581 Information Technology Analyst
002580 Information Technology Spec
004330 Laboratory Assistant
002700 Office Assistant
002729 Office Support Specialist
002517 Principal Accountant
002367 Principal Admin Analyst
002437 Program Coordinator
002337 Public Outreach Specialist
002505 Sr Accountant
002312 Sr Departmental HR Officer
004701 Sr Health Physicist
002730 Sr Office Assistant
004762 Sr Vector Control Technician
002405 Staff Accountant
000906 Student Worker - Graduate/Tech
004726 Supv Environmental Hlth Spec
003161 Supv Industrial Hygienist
004766 Supv Vector Control Technician
004765 Supv. Vector Ecologist
004759 Vector Control Tech Aide
004761 Vector Control Technician
004764 Vector Ecologist

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