DEHQ Public Records

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Many Department of Environmental Health and Quality (DEHQ) files are available for public review at our office.  These files include permit records, reports and correspondence, UST compliance information, complaints, industrial compliance inspection files, and food facility and public swimming pool inspection reports.  Reference to other environmental health related programs or topics are listed on A to Z Services.

For information about public records not associated with DEHQ, please direct your questions to the appropriate department or call (858) 505-6700 for more information. Click this link for a list of County Departments

To review DEHQ records, please submit a written request to DEHQ to ensure the proper records are provided.  Once the written request to review the files has been received and files located, you will be contacted.  Some DEHQ records are now available online as noted below.

Land and Water Quality Records:

Scanned records for closed Site Assessment and Mitigation Program cases, Monitoring Well Program and Water Well Program permits, Land Use Program records including septic and greywater systems, boundary adjustments, maps and discretionary projects, Mobile Home Parks Program, and Recycled Water Program plans and inspections are now available online through the Environmental Health Document Library. 

General SAM Record Review Inquiries: 858.505.6921 
General Land Use Record Review Inquires: 858.565.5173 
FAX: 858.999.8920

Hazardous Materials/Underground Storage Tanks:

Public Records Review Request Form (pdf)

CUPA Permitted Facility Records Search
General HMD Record Review Inquiries: 858.505.6921
E-Mail: DEHQ Public Records Review 
FAX: 858.514.6583

Food, Housing or Swimming Pools:

Lists of currently operating facilities regulated by County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health and Quality, are available online through the San Diego County Data Portal. Once a data set is selected, users can view and download lists (tips for getting started). For a description of this data, see facility data description.

For all other inquiries, please submit a Public Records Review Request Interactive Form (pdf)

General Food and Housing Inquiries: 858.505.6900
FAX: 858.999.8920

Mosquitoes, Rats, or Other Vectors:

General Vector Inquiries: 858.694.2888
FAX: 858.571.4268