The Central Mountain Subregion lies east of Alpine and Ramona, west of the Desert Subregion, south of Julian, and north of the Mountain Empire Subregion. The Central Mountain Subregion is one of the most scenic areas in the County. It is a recreational and agricultural resource for the entire County. It offers its residents and visitors a place to experience tranquility and the beauty of undisturbed nature. 

The Central Mountain Subregion communities are: Cuyamaca, Descanso, Guatay, Pine Valley, and Mount Laguna. There are two public recreation and wilderness areas in the subregion: Cuyamaca Rancho State Park consisting of approximately 25,000 acres, and approximately 120,000 acres of the Cleveland National Forest. 

The Descanso Sponsor Group Area covers approximately 19,483 acres or 30.44 square miles. 

     - Central Mountain Subregional Plan, San Diego County General Plan

Descanso Community Planning Group 
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