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DEHQ documents are published through this content library. Please note that not all documents in the library function with keyword search and not all DEHQ documents are available through this content library. For more information please call (858) 505-6700.

Helpful Tips for accurate searches:
1.  Search by Record ID OR APN OR Street Number and Street Name.  Do not search using more than one of these at a time.
2.  When searching by Street Name do not use street type (Ave, Dr, St, Ct, etc.)
3.  Do not use any special characters or wild cards in the search fields, other than dashes in the APN search.
4.  Upon hitting the search button, allow the system time to search the document library.

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**For Land and Water Quality Division (LWQD) records, Document Date is the date the document is scanned.
*A maximum of 5 subcategories may be included in a single search.
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