Frequently Asked Questions on Mobilehome/RV Parks

Where can I find the Mobilehome and RV Park regulations?

Mobilehome and RV Park regulations can be found on the California State Housing and Community Development website at .

Is the park owner required to meet with residents to discuss disputes?

Yes, upon written request.  Please refer to the Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL) in sections 798.25(a) and 798.53 of the Civil Code at which can be found at for further information.

Can park management force me to make physical improvements to my home?

Yes.  Park management can require you to correct violations of state or local requirements for the mobilehome and accessory structures that you own.

Does the park management have the right to enter my lot?

Yes.  Generally the park management has the right of entry on the lot during reasonable hours for maintenance of utilities, trees, driveways, lot maintenance, if the resident fails to do so. Management does not have a right to enter a mobilehome without permission.  See MRL section 798.26 in Civil Code at

Can park management change my lot lines without my permission?

No.  Park management must obtain permission from the Department of Environmental Health to move lot lines after obtaining your approval and meeting other requirements.  See Title 25 California Code of Regulations section 1104(d) at

If a home is being altered from the way it left the factory including just attaching accessory structures such as an awning, is a permit required?

Yes, if the manufactured home was built after September 1, 1958.  Alterations to the electrical, plumbing, or mechanical systems of a manufactured home require a permit and inspection from the Department of Housing and Community Development as well as the County of San Diego Planning and Development Services.

What are the most common problems observed during a mobilehome park inspection?

The most common problems encountered during inspections include construction done without permits, leaking sewer lines, and hazardous electrical wiring.  Energizing storage cabinets/sheds without proper grounding, circuit breakers, and protective conduit can be a serious safety hazard.  The permanent use of extension cords to energize outdoor lighting, power fountains or power storage cabinets/sheds is not allowed in a park as these are a fire hazard.  Tenants shall not be allowed to construct accessory structures without park owner/manager approval and obtaining the appropriate permits.